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December 07, 2006

Sorry, and have a nice December

First, an apology...sorry, didn't mean to be gone this long.

I had two main post-election reactions. First, I was glad we kicked the bums out, and now it's wait-and-see time on whether the new bunch is any better. Second, I was disgusted with the campaign overall, and especially the blog part of it. Pointless twaddle, on balance.

Didn't post anything for a few days, then took some vacation. Included a trip home to SW Mo. (Jerico Springs, to be exact) for a family thanksgiving. Didn't feel even slightly guilty when I drove off without the laptop.

Kept thinking I'd do something tomorrow, but work's hectic and there was a tree to get up and, of course, I had to run up to Port Byron a couple of times to catch the Friday night music at G's.

And time just kept slipping by ...

But today I finally called up the PP for the first time in a month, waded through vast amounts of accumulated spam comments and pingbacks, and, well, here I am.

Probably won't be doing many posts for several more weeks. I'm going to enjoy the season, without worrying much about Important Developments. I still have a few days of vacation left, during which me and my Christmas books will be spending a lot of time together.

You have a nice December, too.

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