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September 18, 2006

Boland-Haring II

A recurring charge and counter-charge in the 116 comments on Haring-Boland is that the candidates are in thrall to party leaders and to millionaires and billionaires from Chicago and environs.

To whatever degree the charge is true of one, it's true of the other. Their campaign finance reports (Boland) (Haring) show both are getting substantial support from their respective parties and their leaders -- House Majority Leader Mike Madigan, in Boland's case; and Minority Leader Tom Cross in Haring's.

Both are heavy hitters. Cross' Citizens to Elect Tom Cross had $1.3 million on hand June 30; Madigan's Friends of Michael J. Madigan had just over a million.

And where do Madigan and Cross get their money? In many, many cases the answer is the same. A cursory glance at transfers into their funds shows both got money from ABATE PAC, AFSCME Illinois Council 31 PAC, Allstate Insurance Co., Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois PAC, AT&T Illinois Employee PAC, Cable TV & Communications Association of Illinois PAC, the Credit Union Politcal Action Council, EXELONPAC, the Illinois Hospital Association PAC, the Illinois State Medical Society PAC, and S.I.E.U. Local 880 Political Fund.

Both also got contributions from Ameren, Arlington Park Racecourse, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 15 and on and on.

In many cases then, it is the same interest money getting passed around, whether it's channeled through Cross to Haring, or through Madigan to Boland.

Are there other issues out there?

Posted by jcb at September 18, 2006 08:37 PM


John, you make some excellent points. Both Haring and Boland are sort of like little subsidiaries of their party leadership, and both of the leaders (Madigan and Cross) have mountains of money from many of the same interests.

That's what party leadership does in races like these; they drop staff and dollars into a district to gain control. In return, they expect that legislator to vote for them to become the next Speaker of the Illinois House.

Chicago Democratic leader Mike Madigan helps Boland, while Suburban Chicago leader Tom Cross helps Haring.

I'm not sure these two candidates really differ too much on the issues.

Posted by: values matter at September 18, 2006 09:59 PM

I think what's also true, John Beydler, is that incumbents like Mike Boland might be walking on thin ice this time around. Haring tried before and came within ten points. This is his last chance and I think he has a real chance. Long-term incumbents aren't faring very well across the nation. If Haring loses again, he's toast and needs to hang it up. But I think the stars are lined up to make this race close.

Posted by: grillmaster deluxe II at September 18, 2006 11:39 PM

Mike Boland stands for us. He stand up for women access to abortion on demand. He stands for the fight against discrmintation against people based on sexual preferences.

This year Rep. Mike Boland developed a new gambling game that help veterans have more fun and get money. Mike Boland also created new jobs in Barstow.

this year Rep. Mike Boland sent out a mail piece that talked about his bill that let people protest at funerals as long as the protesters stay 150 yeards away from the casket. These are the kind of commen sense policies our area supports.

Time and time again State Rep. Mike Boland has stood up for us. Mike was the founder of CUB and kept utility rates low.

Time and time again State Rep. Mike Boland has voted to for us.

Rep. Mike Boland is committed to peace!

Posted by: BolandSupporter at September 19, 2006 11:36 AM

Come on, lets talk truth!

It was 200 feet from the entrance or exit of a funeral site that soldier haters can hold signs that say "Thank God for Dead Soldiers". A whole 200 ft.

The Gambling game is not producing even a quarter of what was expected so you cant hold him accountable for that. Even though the money was supposed to replace the over $10 million that Boland voted to use for Pork Projects.

Lets get resonable, those good jobs in Barstow are for illegals, just like the good jobs in Beardstown, IL. It's good for an economy and now he is promising $100,000 to help connect all the people in that area to city water because of the contamination that the plant will cause. Or was that $100,000 for Savanna for whatever they needed the money for; or was that $100,000 for Orion to fix a water tower issue. Who cares he has millions to spend since he to millions from veterans programs.

Posted by: Joe at September 19, 2006 02:01 PM

I am so happy to hear that Rep. Mike Boland is committed to peace! I would certainly not want to vote for a state representative who would consider waging a reckless and illegal war against the peace loving peoples of Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, etc.

Go, Peace Loving Mike Boland, Go!

Posted by: paladin at September 19, 2006 02:58 PM

I know, seriously, I am not sure that Illinois could afford a war against its neighbors, reguardless of how dangerous they are.

Maybe Boland would be for putting up a fence and increased border security to keep all of the surrounding states from stealing more of our jobs!

Posted by: Joe at September 19, 2006 03:39 PM

Your personal attack against Rep. Mike Boland is wide of the mark. Mike's brother fought for peace while in Vietnam. Although Mike didn't serve, he has awlays supported the peace movement. And Mike led the war to esnure Illinois doesn't buy anymore goods made by children in far awau lands. Mike wants to keep that work in Illinois.

The next thing you know, you will be criticize Rep. Boland for ensuring all state cars that can use E-85 do so. This is the type of "big thinking" that Mike Boland brings to the plate.

Even though Rep. Boland took PAC money from Mid American, Exelon and Commonwealth Edison, Mike is still for CUB! There is nothing anyone can do to change this fact. Mike has always been for lowering our utlity bills and gas prices. End of story!

As far as your criticism about veterans. Concerened veterans and their familes love Mike Boland. They are happy that he sponsored a law to keep protestors 200 feet from a casket. At the same time they appreciate the fact Rep. Boland is strong enough to let them burn the American flag if they want to! Mike Boland is one of us. He's a decent man!

Posted by: BolandSupporter at September 19, 2006 03:45 PM

"Lets get resonable, those good jobs in Barstow are for illegals, just like the good jobs in Beardstown, IL."

Joe, can I ask you what that means? I have an assumption, but I just want to clarify things.

Posted by: Robbie at September 19, 2006 04:54 PM

Joe's never answered any of my questions . . . so I hope you get more satisfaction than I have from answering his one sided attacks . . .

history would suggest he won't do anything but continue to talk trash . . . The "Boland Bashers" . . . as I've taken to calling Joe and his republican staffer friends . . . never has offered anything but misinformation and attacks . . .

Posted by: TommyLee at September 19, 2006 09:13 PM

Funny, it has to be a republican staffer, it can just be a person that has a problem with the failed leadership of Mike Boland.

The Madigan/Daley machine is in high gear, how does you slick city ways go over with us little people? It's not as easy without a ward boss to threaten voters through...hun!

Posted by: Joe at September 20, 2006 09:22 AM

you got to be kidding me Joe!

Boland has an independent streak that drives Madigan crazy . . . local dems and independents know that Joe . . . Boland's strong support for gun owners and sportsmen sure wouldn't endear him to a gun control nut like Dailey . . . now would it?

The reason we know you are a Republican staffer Joe . . . is because you keep trying to tie Boland to Madigan and Dailey . . . That's just not something that local individuals will believe about Boland . . . no matter how hard you try to sell it . . .

That assertion clearly ID's you for what you are - out of touch and out of place . . .

And . . .

Who's more out of place than a Republican staffer in Rock Island county?

Posted by: TommyLee at September 21, 2006 07:17 AM

Tommy, you have got to be kidding me.

You talk as if you are some over educated popus chicago city slicker. How would you know what people think here in Rock Island unless it was on your polling. Everyone hear knows all about Madigan and Daley, what do you think we are all stupid or something?

Madigan even came to Rock Island to tell everyone who thier candidate for State Representative would be. He cam and told us! People dont forget that.

And furthermore, guns are moot in this dicussion because both candidates are pro-gun.

Where Daley-Madigan-Boland all agree is - Pro-choice-pro-stem cell research-Pro-gay and lesbian rights. The one thing that Daley and the other two difer is the support our troops recieve. Madigan and Boland have be screwing veterans through cutting funding for their benefit programs for years. Daley works hard for Vet's, that shows alot of respect.

Posted by: Joe at September 21, 2006 09:11 AM

The race isn't about Madigan, it's about Boland. It's about Boland thumbing his nose at the people of Barstow, Silvis and East Moline that are opposed to his pig plant. It's about Boland selling out to Mid America and Commonwealth Edison. It's about Boland's support for same-sex marriages. It's about the fact that Boland doesn't want to be our state Representative. It's about the fact that haring does! It's about time for Mike Boland to retire!

Posted by: MatRamos at September 21, 2006 10:40 AM

This race is about Haring, about a guy who keeps running for office and losing. It's about the wealthy Chicago suburban political interests who are trying to buy this legislative seat so they can have another GOP puppet in Springfield.

Boland may not be perfect -- few of these guys are -- but let's not confuse what this race is about.

Posted by: values matter at September 21, 2006 02:10 PM

vm, this, and all other local (and national) races are about the status quo---do we support the business as usual candidate, or do we make a leap of faith and support something else?

Posted by: paladin at September 21, 2006 04:06 PM

I was at my coffee shop this morning and people were talking how Mike Boland ran against Lane's choice for congress. One guy complained that Boland is unable to get along with other politcans.

When I got home I found mail from Boland's opponent.

I don't know if the rap on Boland is true or not, but it looks as though Haring has Boland ln trouble.

If Boland is going to be my state rep. he needs to get along with fellow Democrats. If he can't prove that to me in the next few weeks, I am going to follow Jack's lead and vote against Boland.

Posted by: MississippiPirate at September 21, 2006 04:25 PM

I would like to begin by addressing the accusations that Mike Boland has been mistreating our state's Veterans. It's a terrible distortion that flies in the face of the facts.

Of all the members of the legislature, I don't know of any who has done more for Veterans than Mike Boland. Boland's support for Veterans has been strong and consistent.

Boland was the primary sponsor of the legislation which created the Veteran's Scratch Off program which raises funds through a new lottery ticket dedicated to vets. This new program has been greatly successful and is expected to generate about $10 million for vets this year.

Boland was also the Primary Sponsor of the Military Family Relief Fund Act which created a voluntary tax check-off program with proceeds helping the families of active Reservists and National Guardsmen in Illinois.

I am proud to say that Illinois was the first state in the nation to create a voluntary Military Family Relief Fund, abd that this has served as model legislation for a number of other states who have now passed similar measures.

Boland also supported (I believe he signed on as a co-sponsor) of legislation giving property tax breaks to non-profit vets organizations like the American Legion and the V.F.W.

In case anyone is unclear about the wording I've used, the words "primary sponsor" indicates that Boland was the individual who initiated the legislation, the one who worked to pass the bill from committee, etc.

Posted by: Huntooner at September 22, 2006 07:46 AM

the last refuge of a scoundrel is to cloak himself in patriotism. politics for politics sake is all mike boland is about, just ask around. Vote Haring for a change and a new direction for the 71st, its time for boland and madigan to leave us alone and let us govern ourselves. no more Chicago puppets.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 22, 2006 06:07 PM

another blogger has actually captured Boland's essence . . .

http://nfbi.blogspot.com/2006/04/state-representative-mike-boland.html is a page from the NFBI 2005 Convention and there's a mp3 of Mike giving an obviously improvised speech . . .

take a listen for yourself . . .

Posted by: Anonymous at September 22, 2006 08:34 PM

Vintage Boland.

Posted by: jcb at September 22, 2006 09:14 PM

I'll take Boland anyday over a House Republican puppet like Haring. Give me a break. The Chicago suburban House GOP crowd wants another rep to vote like a duck in lockstep with their leader.

If the issue is independence, there is no debate here. Boland is much more independent and in tune with the working families of this district.

The GOP smear machine is in full fourth gear drive.

The voters won't buy it.

Posted by: values matter at September 22, 2006 10:26 PM

Yes I agree jcb, boland is a great speaker. He was really talking to that group. We can not lose a great leader like this. Vote Boland! Early and often.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 22, 2006 11:04 PM

Anon at 11:04 PM -- I didn't say Boland is a great speaker. I said the speech was "vintage boland."

Posted by: jcb at September 22, 2006 11:28 PM

If anyone falls for the slimy tactic used by "Boland Supporter" they need to think a bit harder.

"Boland Supporter" is clearly someone who wishes Boland ill, and has attempted to pose as a supporter while raising and distorting Boland's positions on issues which they're sure most people would object to.

Read their comments. "Boland supporter"? HA!
More like petty little backstabber.

Posted by: TID at September 23, 2006 04:54 AM

And if anyone believes for a split second that any voter is seriously considering switching from Boland to Haring because Boland supposedly "doesn't get along with other Democrats", then you're a fool

This entire thread is full of B.S. attacks on Boland, likely from the usual fellow Democratic sources.

I'm not sure even his opponent would stoop to such low means.

Posted by: TID at September 23, 2006 04:57 AM

Rather than listen to what Boland says, look at what he's done. Where the rubber meets the road, Boland has not measured up.

It'stime we give someone else a chance to get the job done. Boland had his chance, and he didn't want the job!

Posted by: PerryWassel at September 23, 2006 09:05 AM

I agree with jcb that the speech is "vintage Boland", and I'm glad someone posted it because it was a nice reminder of why I like Mike.

I've worked for Representative Boland for almost 8 years, so no one will accuse me of being impartial. Most everyone knows where I work by now, so the disclosure is almost unnecessary, but it's here for the record.

If you want to hear for yourself what Boland's really like, listen to the clip, like jcb says, it's vintage Mike.

Posted by: Huntooner at September 23, 2006 09:42 AM

TID are you crazy!
These are the reasons that I am voting for Boland. Boland supporter brings to lite:
E85 energy
Helping Veterans
Keeping utility prices in line.

I wish we had more like Boland supporter to help get Mike over the finish line.

I don't understand what you are talking about. Maybe you could be a little bit more clear.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 24, 2006 09:29 AM

OK, I will help out TID!

Boland has played follow the leader when it comes to E85 and has supported everyone elses ideas on E85. Not one original piece of legislation has Boland introduced or drafted on this issue.

Boland has cut million of dollars from multiple veterans programs. One specific issue reguarding his dis-intrest in Veterans issues is his raiding of over $5 million from from Veteran's Homes witch has directly caused over 200 beds to go un-used with a waiting list of over 900 deserving veterans in need of nursing home assitence.

Boland has sat back and watched from the sidelines as the big energy companies planed to hike rates by over 50% in some areas. He even voted for the deregulation bill that created the massive rate hike. Now that he is in a campaign it became an issue he is trying to exploite.

That is why Boland needs to go. It is very clear.

Posted by: Joe at September 24, 2006 04:36 PM

There you go again Joe!.

Boland has done far more than just support other's bills on E85. Boland is the Primary Sponsor of HB4137 which would require the State of Illinois to purchase flex fuel vehicles capable of burning E85. Boland was the also the Primary Sponsor of HR0760 which asks the U.S. Congress to offer federal income tax incentives to purchasers of flexible fuel vehicles.

Those are just a couple of example found in a 30 second internet search. I truly hope you were speaking from ignorance on the E85 issue Joe, and not deliberately distorting Boland's record with malice. If you aren't aware of the bills Boland's sponsored you really need to do your homework.

I've already covered some of the accomplishments Boland's made on behalf of Vets, but here goes again.

Boland was the primary sponsor of the legislation which created the Veteran's Scratch Off program which raises funds through a new lottery ticket dedicated to vets. This new program has been greatly successful and is expected to generate about $10 million for vets this year.

Boland was also the Primary Sponsor of the Military Family Relief Fund Act which created a voluntary tax check-off program with proceeds helping the families of active Reservists and National Guardsmen in Illinois. Illinois was the first state in the nation to create a voluntary Military Family Relief Fund, and this has served as model legislation for a number of other states who have now passed similar measures.

Let's be honest, of all the members of the legislature, I don't know of any who has done more for Veterans than Mike Boland. Do you?

On utilities Boland's record is nearly matchless. No other member of the legislature has such a long and distinguished record of fighting for consumers. Boland was one of the original founders of the Citizen's Utility Bolad. Boland has consistently voted for legislation to control utility rates, legislation that C.U.B. has also supported.

Your "play-book" may call for attacking Illinois incumbents on these issues, but it's not going to work here with Boland. Mike's record of fighting for veterans, for utility consumers, and for alternative energies, speaks for itself.

Posted by: Huntooner at September 25, 2006 07:57 AM

This TID needs to understand that Boland is with the people. I have known Boland for years and he is a good man. I think that these ideas that were put forward are a testament to his being re-elected. The letters from readers section of the D/A by John Burggraf says it all better than I can. Read this if you need to be enlightened.
If you are against these fresh ideas then by all means vote Haring TID. If you are for these ideas then by all means vote Democratic and for Mike Boland. I hope you wake up and turn yourself around.

Posted by: Betty West at September 25, 2006 08:36 AM

None of the things you just mentioned were Bolands Ideas! and CUB has failed the people of Illinois by supporting deregulation that is raising our electric utility bills by almost 50%. I dont know why people work so hard for such a sleezy do nothing politician.

Posted by: Joe at September 25, 2006 12:41 PM

The problem is people have caught on to the fact that Boland is not interested in being my Representative. All he has done is use my time to campaign for other offices. First Boland wanted to be Treasurer. Next he wanted to be my state Senator. Later he ran against Lane Evans candidate for Conngress and lost. Twenty-five days later he send mail telling me to help him get reelected. This crazy.

Haring wants to be my Represenative and I am going to give him the chance.

Boland blew it!

Posted by: Randy at September 25, 2006 02:19 PM

I like Haring and what I've heard about him, etc. but I really dislike is that he and and that other guy do not use the word "incumbant" on their literature. I don't care how confident these guys are, should their flyers and handouts say they ARE the Rep or Senator when they are running for the position? It's a big turn off to me.

Posted by: old fashioned with a twist at September 25, 2006 02:58 PM


Boland's state district legislative office employs two full time constutient service workers, and he has a number of volunteers helping there as well. We provide excellent service to the people of the 71st district and we are all proud of our record helping people. I'd wager Boland's office is as good as any in the state at providing service for the people he represents.

It's true that Boland's considered running for higher office, but that's driven him to work even harder than your average State Representative. Are people attacking Senator Obama because some are whispering about his potential to be on a Presidential ticket?

It's all about having a positive impact for regular people. Mike Boland wants to make a difference in as many lives as he possibly can, and I certainly won't hold that against him.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 25, 2006 08:42 PM

Boland will prevail - the goodwill of the people is a better defense than any fortress!

Posted by: Anonymous at September 25, 2006 09:48 PM

I couldn't agree with you more. The Il State Bd of Elections should look into Haring's use of the term "State Representative." If it's not illegal, it's undoubtedly unethical and he should be called on the red carpet.

I also notice that his latest mail piece is very colorful, very expensive -- and paid for by the Illinois Republican Party. Would that be the same Illinois Republican Party that was run by George Ryan all these years? Hmmmm.

Posted by: values matter at September 25, 2006 09:50 PM

As well as that beals fellow whom is using the term Senator also... What is wrong with these Bone Head candidates??

Posted by: maybesomeday at September 26, 2006 09:22 AM

I think it has something to do with the fact that they are going to lose. They run for these offices and get to play as if they are some big wig, and then when it's over they can always say, I almost was important. Sort of like Mark Champman thinks he is linked to John Lennon. Know what I mean?

Posted by: today at September 26, 2006 10:03 AM

I overheard Rock Island County Democrat Leaders are furious with Mike Boland.

Apparrently Boland is refusing to pay dues assocaited with to his share of the upcoming Get-Out-the-Vote-Drive (GOTV). In the last election, Boland reportedly stiffed the Democrat Party and Rock Island County Chairman Ginaluis for $3,432. Now Boland is attempting to do it again. Between the last election and this one Boland owes the Democrat Party some $6,432.

Madigan has apperantly agreed to step forward and pay half of Boland's bill (this years), but Boland is telling all those that listen that he is "not going to pay" the rest of the money he owes.

This brew-ha-ha is becoming a flash point in Democrat circles. Democrat Circuit Clerk Lou Ann Kerr, States Attorney Jeff Terronez are leading the charge against Boland. Kerr and Terronez are going to exclude Boland from the GOTV effort, if Boland does not pay the money he owes the Rock Island Democrat Party.

At this time the issue is still an internal party matter and perculating, but it has the potential to become the a major campaign liablity to Boland. All I can wonder is --- what is this guy (Boland) thinking? He is in avery tight race and may lose. Why wouldn't he pay his dues?

Some surmise Boland is trying to keep his campaign money in case he loses, so he can turn it into cash and pocket it. Others feel Boland is upset because Phil Hare chastised him for endorsing a Republican during the campaign for Congress, which by the way, Boland lost and Hare won. Still others feel this is pay-back for Boland not being given the senate seat. Others feel Boland thinks he is better than other elected officals and doesn't feel the need to pay his bills!

This could get interesting!

Bland must be a fool!

Posted by: R.I.Insider at September 26, 2006 11:03 AM

Shouldn't Jeff Terroronez be busy convicting criminals instead involving himself in John G's battles? If Jeff was concentrating on his job, we wouldn't be re-trying muder cases!

Posted by: Anonymous at September 26, 2006 12:39 PM

No, Rock Island State Attorney Jeff Terronex is a rising leader in our area. Jeff is just the kind of young person that needs to get involved. The days of John G are passing. Either Lou Kerr or Jeff Terronez may well be the next Rock Island Democrat Chairman.

I can't figure out why Boland just doesn't pay the money he owes the Democrat Party and move on. Why cause yourself all this grief? Some say this guy is independent, I say he's cheap!

Posted by: Laughoutloud at September 26, 2006 01:10 PM

Hmmmmm. Well, I admit that I had not intended to vote for Boland, since I figured he was just another brain-dead Gianulis puppet, like Hare, Jacobs, Verschoore, Terronez, RICO Courthouse, etc.

But if what RIInsider says is true, that Boland actually has the stones to be independent and stand up to the RICO Democrat Machine----he's got my vote!

Posted by: paladin at September 26, 2006 01:26 PM

I got a mailer from Boland and it was terrible. I thought it was a breast cancer awareness mailer. Didn't even realize it opened until I went to throw it out.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 26, 2006 03:48 PM

Boland doesn't need to pay his dues. He will get Madigan to pay for it. That way he can keep his money get Madigan to pay all of the money and rescources that Madigan is supplying Boland. Seven staff members and lodging through November and a campaign office all on Madigan's back. Why would Boland pay $6,300 when he can make the speaker pay the tab. Who can blame him for that. Madigan needs this seat and Boland is making him pay for it. Who do you call the sucker. It sounds like Boland is getting the better end of the deal.

Posted by: John Snyder at September 26, 2006 08:37 PM

It's demographics pure and simple.

Madigan screwed up when he created the map for the 71st, it's close to a 50/50 D/R district and it's going to be hotly contested until 2012 when the next remap comes.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 27, 2006 07:36 AM

Madigan screwed up? How about the guy that holds the seat? If Boland had done the job we hired him to do in the first place, he wouldn't be so vunerable. Instead Boladn has spent all his time holding press conferences outside our area in some desperate attempt to win higher office. Boland wantd to be State Treasurer, State Comptroller, State Senator, and he ran for Congress against Lane's guy and lost. Now Boland want's us to reelect him. Why?

So that Boland can secure yet another government pension? How many state funded pessions can a man and wife have?

After eating all these tax dollars Boland may get slaughtered! For that reason alone he ought to change his mind again and oppose the hog plant!

Posted by: MartinJohnston at September 27, 2006 10:15 AM

My sources tell me that Boland only has 2 staffers in his campaign, and that he may need more as this race appears close.

No one has answered my question as to how it's ethical and legal for a candidate like Haring to publish a mailer saying he's already the State Representative of the 71st District?

Does the Illinois State Board of Elections know about this? If he's willing to do this, what else would he do?

I think it's wrong for anyone of either party to falsely say they are already the State Representative. It's wrong and Haring should apologize and tell those State Republican Party leaders to stay out of the Quad Cities with their underhanded campaign tactics.

Posted by: values matter at September 27, 2006 10:58 AM

Is anyone else SHOCKED by how nasty that anti-Boland TV ads are, the Republicans must be desperate to go negative so early!

There are only a small number of districts around the state that are in play (due to demographics) and Boland's is one of them. What Boland may or may not have considered running for really doesn't matter, the man has done a great job for regular people in Springfield.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 27, 2006 12:33 PM


We just received the second mail piece today from the Steve Haring campaign. Nowhere on the mail piece does it say he's a candidate for anything -- it simply says he's already the State Representative.

This is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Posted by: values matter at September 27, 2006 06:52 PM

Same things with Beals. Says he IS the State Senator - candidate is no where on his literature. Republicans!

Posted by: Anonymous at September 28, 2006 08:45 AM

The second piece of Steve Haring mail arrived in my neighborhood this week, and for the second time Haring is impersonating a public official. One would think, that in this post-9-11 world, that impersonating a public official would be a serious crime.

Perhaps it is. If not, it's highly unethical and a violation of Illinois campaign finance laws.

When will the state republican party or the Haring campaign come clean? He is not "State Representative Steve Haring." What next? "Rock Island County Sheriff Steve Haring"? "Anti-Terrorism Expert Steve Haring"? "Congressman Steve Haring"? "State Senator Steve Haring"?

If we start letting UNELECTED folks advertising themselves as ELECTED public officials, then we deserve what we get.

Fight back against lying political candidates!

Steve Haring, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Posted by: values matter at September 28, 2006 11:46 PM

Boland's signs don't even say he is our state rep, just that he's for Illinois. Go figure.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 29, 2006 08:33 AM

Boland does not have a paid for by on his signs, that is outside the campaign disclosure section requirements. Who cares?

I is kinda funny that he wont even write state rep on his sign just in case anouther office opens up that he can throw his hat into.

Posted by: Joe at September 30, 2006 08:52 AM

Good lord, is the most pressing issue in this district whether Candidate X had "for" on his signs or if Democrat candidates have the freakin' "union bug" on their signs?

Trust me when I say that the vast majority of non-partisan voters don't give a good god-damn!

Talk about the issues, dammit!

Posted by: paladin at October 2, 2006 01:57 PM

I heard a scathing radio commercial tonight from the Illinois House Republican Organization, attacking Mike Boland for "rolling out the red carpet" to invite illegal aliens to the 71st District. The ad said he voted for expanding health care benefits for "illegal aliens," perhaps a reference to the "All Kids" legislation that Mike Jacobs, Pat Verschoore, Mike Boland and just about every legislator voted for. All Kids doesn't roll out the red carpet for illegal aliens. This is just a national Republican issue put into a cookie-cutter radio spot in the Quad Cities.

This could be the end of the Haring campaign. He is letting the Illinois Republican Party smear Boland with such outrageous negatives that these campaign tactics will surely backfire on Steve Haring.

And they should. He's a decent guy, but he's letting the smear artists run his campaign.

Posted by: values matter at October 11, 2006 08:45 PM

What comes around goes around.

Boland made a politcal career out of telling half-truths and out right lies.

Remeber when Boland said he was for term limits? Rember when Boland said he would only serve two terms? What about that ms. values?

Whatever happend to all the cash Boland promised Silvis Grade School?

Bolond also promised me that if I voted for him he would lower my utility bills? The only person who got abreak was Boland as Mid America has plyed him (Boland) with campaign cash and free dinners.

And don't forget about the money Boland promised Silvis grade school?

And why you are making excuses for Boland, why did he flip-flop on the pig plant and go against his prior promise not to build in Barstow?????????????????????????

We will remeber Boland on election day.

We get junk and Boland gets a big fat pay raise! Not bad work if you can get it!

Posted by: Toga at October 12, 2006 11:23 AM

How about a little truth here?

#1. It was Governor Blagojevich who came and promised money for Silvis schools, not Mike Boland. Mike Boland's worked very hard to get that money allocated, but the Capital Budget is being blocked by Republicans. Please put the blame where it belongs - the obstructionist Republicans who are blocking the bill for school construction funding!!!

#2. I sure don't remember Mike Boland campaigning on the issue of term limits or pledging that he'd only serve two terms. The best I can tell that's just another nasty rumor being spread by Boland's political opponents. Like so many other vicious lies being told about Boland, this one just doesn't look to be true!

#3. All of this anger about the hog plant is certainly misdirected if pointed at Boland. He didn't decide to offer economic incentives to Triumph, nor did he play any kind of critical role in obtaining the incentive package for the meat-packing plant. And there was no "flip-flop"on the hog plant issue. Boland has even offered to help find state funding to hook up effected residents to municipal water and sewer, as at least a partial answer to concerns that local well water might be effected by the operation of the plant.

#4 Finally, for the record. To the best of my knowledge, the incentive package for the Triumph plant that Mayor Thodos negotiated with the Governor's office and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (also known as D.C.E.O.), is primarily about giving Triumph sales tax breaks. I believe itís a package of "incentives" that add up to something like $15 or $16 million. I don't think the State of Illinois is handing Triumph any money, instead it is complex corporate tax breaks.

Some people keep comparing the Silvis School construction issue with Triumph, and they are apples and oranges.

In the case of Silvis schools, we are talking about money that is a direct state appropriation, in this case the state really does owe Silvis School system a check, but it's being blocked in the legislature. Mike Boland is 100% in favor of this funding, but the Capital budget requires Republican cooperation to pass. The Triumph incentive package was put together by an Executive branch agency, and because it was an incentive package of tax breaks given out by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, it was not voted on directly nor was it approved directly by the legislature.

My name is Mike Huntoon, I work for Mike Boland in his state office as his Chief of Staff.

Posted by: Huntooner at October 13, 2006 08:10 AM

It is funny, Boland is losing ground on a weekly basis and he continues not to talk about his record. He has not responded to the accusations from Haring which means they are true.

Instead he spreads the crazy mis-information that Haring is not for breast cancer research.

I was talking with a lobbiest a few days ago, he is an old friend from way back, and he told me that suprisingly the Boland Haring race is looking more and more like a Republican Pick-up.

He said from what he knows of the race Boland has not been able to dominate and control the race. Boland is running on the measage of breast cancer research and Haring is running on jobs.

I wonder what these next few weeks will bring.

Posted by: Joe at October 13, 2006 11:32 AM

Huntooner, "All of this anger about the hog plant is certainly misdirected if pointed at Boland. He didn't decide to offer economic incentives to Triumph, nor did he play any kind of critical role in obtaining the incentive package for the meat-packing plant. And there was no "flip-flop"on the hog plant issue."
Did Mike Boland write a letter to the Governors office or to DECO requesting corporate incentives for the Hog Plant or not?
I understand that you write as a private individual so that your answers are not directly from Boland and can say what you and your boss decide without reprocutions.
I ask that you answer what was asked in a manner of what the question is.

He had stated to me many months prior to his supposed letter that he was against the plant in Barstow/EM.

Posted by: Hampton man at October 13, 2006 01:43 PM

"Did Mike Boland write a letter to the Governors office or to DECO requesting corporate incentives for the Hog Plant or not?"

Was the question asked of me.

My answer: I think not.

I sure don't remember writing any letters on the Representative's behalf in support of the incentive package for Triumph, and neither did Bobbi-Sue who is Rep. Boland's district office manager. In filling a recent F.O.I.A. request, I didn't find ANY record of such communication coming from the staff I supervise.

John Thodos deserves the credit for bringing Triumph to East Moline. My staff and I certainly didn't provide any essential services to Mayor Thodos in his quest for state assistance. My recollection is that we were notified by Mayor Thodos and the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity with what was essentially a completed deal.

We do try to help local governments from Representative Boland's office. For instance we did work to get state grants for Port Byron to fund their long standing need for a new well. We have been working with officials from Orion to get their water storage tank fixed and provide other essential repairs needed in that municipality. That's the kind of work you'll find me doing for Boland.

We fill out several hundred Circuit Breaker forms for lower income elderly and disabled individuals every year, helping them to qualify for a variety of benefits from the state. And we help countless people with a variety of other problems every day from Mike Boland's office.

The real truth is we do concentrate on helping regular folks at Mikeís office. A long time ago, Mike Boland taught me that Corporate Welfare isn't as important as any constituent's individual welfare, and I do believe that still today.

Posted by: Huntooner at October 13, 2006 06:23 PM

The fact that Mike Boland has sponsored Breast Cancer research legislation is just one of the many things he's running on, Joe.

Here's what Mike Boland's running on - straight from the man's mouth:


Iím Representative Mike Boland. I am running for re-election based on my record of public service, a strong history of passing legislation, and an ability to bring to our district needed state dollars.

My record securing state dollars has focused on public safety and promoting economic and educational opportunities. These projects have included $300,000 for streets in East Moline, $100,000 for the Silvis Library, $100,000 for the Moline library, and $100,000 for Orion schools. I also helped fund firefighting and life saving equipment in Erie, Hampton, Port Byron, and Thomson. I battled to make sure Thomson got a new water tower and sewage treatment plant, and I obtained $75,000 for York Township library.

After a long struggle, I succeeded in getting the Thomson Prison opened.

As an educator, I will continue to be a strong voice for education from nursery school to graduate school. For my work on behalf of children and schools I have received awards from the retired Teachers Association, the I.E.A., and endorsement from the Illinois Federation of Teachers.

Iíve also fought for these brave citizens who protected our freedoms, I sponsored the Military Families Relief Act providing financial assistance for families of reservists and guardsmen. I passed legislation providing a discount on veterans license plates for low-income senior veterans, and sponsored the Veterans Scratch-off Lottery Ticket which will generate millions for Veteranís health care.

I have been awarded the ďFriend of AgricultureĒ award every term Iíve served. I have fought to increase ag markets by passing the local Government Soy Ink printing law. Also, awaiting final passage this fall is my bill to require the State of Illinois to buy flex-fuel or hybrid vehicles when making new vehicle purchases. These measures are good for the environment and also lessen our dependance on foreign oil.

As a founder of CUB (Citizens Utility Board), Iíve fought against unfair utility rates and received the ďFriend of ConsumerĒ award. I was named ďFriend of the TaxpayerĒ as one of the most fiscally responsible Illinois legislators. Health care is also very important to all of us, so I helped pass the All-Kids Health Care bill, as well as being chief co-sponsor of the Breast and Cervical cancer scratch-off lottery ticket.

Volunteer firefighters are vital to all of us, so I passed the Volunteer Firefighter Job Security Act and the Volunteer EMT Job Security Act. To save tax dollars I passed legislation combining city, township, school board, and community collage board elections. As a champion for working men and women, Iíve passed legislation to protect our jobs from unfair foreign competition by prohibiting the state purchase of goods made by child labor or political prisoners.

We face many very exciting challenges and opportunities in Illinois. I humbly ask for your vote so that I can continue to fight for jobs, for educational opportunities, for senior citizens, for the disabled, for consumers and veterans. When I first ran I pledged to fight for you, the tax-payers. I renew that pledge today.

end of Boland speech - ok? ;)

now, I Want my own HONEST opinion about Boland's opponent?

Steve Haring was the economic development coordinatior for an area that remains stagnant economically, that doesn't impress me. As a school board member Steve Haring raised taxes and fees dramatically, and that kind of recklessness with tax dollars scares me. Steve Haring is a George Bush - Denny Hastert - Tom Cross styled Republican, and the district deserves better / different than that!

Posted by: Huntooner at October 13, 2006 07:44 PM

Haring did not raise taxes and fee's while on the school board. What happend was, since the Legislature and Boland refused to properly fund schools and left them 48th in the nation for funding, three school districts were forced to consolidate. The voters decided how to consolidate and how to pay for it. You should not soil yourself with this mis-information for such a corrupt politician.

Boland voted for massive taxes and fees for business over the last decade which as driven out hundrends of businesses from the qca and carroll county. I think it is funny how you blame a man for fighting an uphill battle trying to keep the bad decisions Representative Boland has made from closing down every business in his district.

Huntooner you might be out of a job come November, not because of you but because of your boss.

Posted by: Joe at October 14, 2006 04:44 PM

I've created a small blog - http://mikeboland.blogspot.com/ is the web address. I call the blog, "Serving the 71st with Mike Boland."

It's certainly not an official web presence for Rep Boland, but I hope it can serve as a point of reference for folks wanting to know a little bit more about Mike, and the kind of things we do to serve the public from his district office.

As I've already said in my opening comments on that blog - "I welcome constructive comments and suggestions, and even constructive criticism, however I will not allow this blog to become an overtly politicized place where discussions are about personal feuds or even political feuds. The 71st District of Illinois is a wonderfully diverse place full of interesting and inspiring individuals, so I believe there's plenty of positives to discuss."

Hopefully folks can learn and benefit from what I share on that new blog, I certainly look forward to learning some myself.

Please bear with me as I am fairly new to the blog medium, and HTML formating and such is pretty foreign to me. I'm happy to say I'm already making myself at home there. I've even added a link to The Passing Parade over on my site! ;)

Posted by: Mike Huntoon at October 14, 2006 08:26 PM

Maybe Huntoon can help Boland out of this current problem he has with his new Mike Boland web site. If Boland were to lose however, I feel that Haring should keep Huntoon on as his chief of staff. He has done a admirable job of shielding Boland from the problem he has.

Posted by: Anonymous at October 15, 2006 12:43 PM

I appreciate the praise Anon 10/15/06 12:43 PM, but I don't believe that's a likely scenerio.

I very much enjoy the non-political aspects of serving the people of the 71st, but I'd expect that the Republicans have their own.

I don't consider what I do shielding Mike Boland, it's really more like telling the "rest of the story". Mike's a good guy, he and I both come from a background of consumer activism, so it's a good fit for me.

Posted by: Mike Huntoon at October 17, 2006 08:18 PM

I am sick and tired of the pay for play polotics that Boland has been involved with. He gives his friend Brab Suhel a scholrship for her daughter fo $16,000. I am suprised that this kind of thing hasn't surfaced earlier with this guy.

Posted by: Anonymous at October 17, 2006 10:30 PM

Since I work as Bolandís Chief of Staff during the day, I am imagining that there are folks out there waiting for my comments about the scholarship situation. I seem to have somehow ended up in the role of Bolandís online spokesman on blogs during my personal time.

The simple answer to give is that Alleyene Suehl deserved the scholarship she got, she won it based on her own merits. Of course that answer wonít satisfy everyone, so Iíll try to explain all the details to the best of my ability.

For the record, the only legal requirements concerning General Assembly Scholarships are that the student receiving the scholarship reside within the boundaries of the Representativeís district, and the tuition wavers only apply to State of Illinois Universities. Any other standards are set by the Representatives and Senators themselves. Each Illinois Senator and Representative is allowed two full four-year scholarships per year. Representative Boland splits his up into 8 full year college scholarships. If a student doesnít choose to use the summer semester of their scholarship, Boland gives the unused portion to a different deserving student.

Mike Bolandís scholarships are awarded based on a broad range of criteria. Because academic achievement is important, Boland looks at the studentís grade point average and the kind of classes they are taking. He also considers extracurricular activities, and he does look at financial need, but itís not the primary criteria.

Willingness to give back to the community is really the most essential qualifying factor. Every year Representative Boland gives a speech to his scholarship recipients, stressing that their scholarship comes from the taxpayers, and that he expects his scholarship recipients to find a way to pay back the investment to the community.

The Scholarship application weíve developed at Representative Bolandís office is several pages long, and it includes an essay question at the end. When itís all said and done, after reviewing grades, and financial need, Mike actually tries to picture what each applicant might have to offer back to the community, and he makes his final determination from there.

Itís not like we keep these scholarships a tightly guarded secret. In past years weíve sent out letters to guidance counselors announcing the scholarshipís availability, and Iíve written and submitted news releases to the media announcing them. Iím not sure how much attention the counselors paid to the notice, and I donít remember ever getting any coverage in the Argus / Dispatch either.

I believe that most years we get about twenty or twenty-five applicants at Mike Bolandís office, and because of our ability to award unused summer semesters along with the normal full year scholarships, we are usually able to offer some kind of scholarship to about half of our applicants.

When Mike Boland awarded Alleyene Suehl a scholarship, he knew it would very likely be used against him by his political opponents. Boland and I discuss potential scholarship recipients several times during the review process, and I told him heíd get slammed hard for giving a scholarship to a large contributor. I even speculated it could cost him his House seat and thus it could cost me my job as well. As our discussion continued, Boland asked me if Alle (pronounced like the word - alley) deserved the scholarship based on her own merits.

Alleyene served in our office as an intern in the summer of 2004, and again in 2005, so I know her personally. She is a strong student, who was involved in organized athletics, as well as a great number of other community activities. Alle was also the recipient of a number of awards and honors. In addition to her school and extracurricular athletic commitments, I also noted Alle worked part time, and that she and her family had served as hosts for several foreign exchange students. Alle even brought one foreign exchange student along for her internship at Mike Bolandís office. That was a really great experience for us all, allowing a wonderful young exchange student to see (and participate) in Illinois State Government up close and personal.

Thinking honestly about Alleís attributes in comparison to the other applicants, I had to admit, based on all the criteria we use to judge candidates, that Alle was one of the very best. In fact, I can only think of a relatively small handful of students, in all my years with Boland, who could match up across the board to all of the attributes Alle exhibited. There was no way I could deny that, based on merit, Alleyene Suehl was more than qualified.

Mike Boland and I both know it would be wrong to give someone a scholarship because of a campaign contribution. But, turning the question on itís head, we had to ask ourselves if it would also be wrong to totally rule out a scholarship applicant because of a campaign contribution by her mother. Was I really willing to look Alle Suehl in they eye and tell her, ďYou were the best candidate that applied, but we canít give you the scholarship because your mom is politically active.Ē

Mike Boland chose not to penalize Alle Suehl because of her mother. He decided that doing the right thing by one young girl was more important than what people might think about the action in political terms.

For the record, in 1995 Mike Boland set his top income threshold for scholarship recipients at $100,000 total household income. In 2003 we reviewed and revised that to an upper limit of $120,000 household income to allow for 8 years of inflation. Most of the scholarships go to students with families who make far less. We try to look at the entire picture, and envision what the student might bring back to the community.

For the record, Jerimiah Posedel, who was a staff person for Congressman Evans, once applied for and received a scholarship from Representative Bolandís office, based upon his own merit. I am sad to say that Jerimiah was let go by Lane Evans because he got the scholarship from our office, at least thatís what I read on The Inside Dope - http://theinsidedope.blogspot.com/2006/05/evans-officially-out-of-race-former.html As should be obvious from that article, Jerimiah Posedel was free to endorse someone other than Boland for Congress, we award scholarships based on merit, not political considerations, and we donít ask anything in return for the scholarships we give out!

For the record, relatives of John Gianulis, Rock Island Democratic County Chairman and Chairman of the Statewide Democratic County Chairmanís Board, as well as (until recently) a top employee of Governor Blagojevich - http://theinsidedope.blogspot.com/2006/09/gianulis-to-retire-from-blago.html - also had relatives apply to Bolandís office for scholarships. Because we award scholarships based on merit, and not political considerations, we were NOT able to offer a scholarship to Johnís relative!

Now, I hope the situation is a bit more clear to everyone, at Mike Bolandís office we give scholarships based on the merit, not for political favors or contributions, but despite whatever the political ramifications might be, based upon merit.

Posted by: Mike Huntoon at October 18, 2006 05:46 AM

Yep! Totally much more clear. Boland is, now more than ever, a crook in my eyes. Its all aboutt those who have connections or give alot of money to Boland. I wish he would follow through with his words and actually try to help one of the most poverty stricken areas in the nation.

I guess he is too busy taking care of people that make more that 100,000 dollars and thier children.

Posted by: Joe at October 18, 2006 10:15 AM

The ONLY thing we ask of our scholarship recipients Joe, is that they remember the gift and give back to the community themselves someday.

It doesn't take any connections to get assistance from us at Mike Boland's office. I invite you to please come on down and see for yourself, before you believe some twisted story or rumor.

Posted by: MikeHuntoon at October 18, 2006 12:30 PM

Huntoon are you accusing the D/A of writting twisted stories and rumors about Mike Boland? What are you talking about?
PS maybe Mike could answer for himself one day.

Posted by: Anonymous at October 18, 2006 02:01 PM

Do you think Boland can be bought off for $16,000?

Please, Boland is a wealthy man. He lives on the hill in a big brick house and drives a powder blue Cadillac Deville! He doesn't need that woman's money. Madigan will give him all the money he needs. This charge is rediculouus!

Posted by: TheBigDog at October 19, 2006 02:45 PM

There was a big chicken down at Mike Bolands office that was telling people to write in the chicken for Rep. because Boland had given a scholarship to his god friend and biggest personal contributor's daughter. It was on the news and it was very funny. Did anyone see this. What is next, a giant rat protesting Mike Bolands leaving the union quit paying dues and recieving all of the benefits of the teachers union. Now that would be something.

Posted by: Anonymous at October 20, 2006 10:48 PM

The same dude in a chicken costume was dancing across the street from Boland's office two years ago, it was kinda funny the first time but this year it was just a rehash of what he'd done before. BORING!

I thought the real news yesterday was the group of women protesting in front of Haring's campaign office, because Haring has publically stated he would have voted against the budget which included millions of much needed dollars for breast and cervical cancer screenings.

People lives are at stake, and Steve would played "follow the leader" behind Tom Cross and voted against a budget that included the opening of Thomson Prison, money for W.I.U. Quad Cities Campus, $7 million for widening Highway 30 between Sterling and Fulton, as well as the Breast and Ovarian Cancer money.

What is this guy thinking?

Let's hope Boland's people do a better job at highlighting Haring's dangerous right wing agenda as we close in on the election.

Posted by: Katharina at October 21, 2006 10:56 AM

Do you mean all four of them? I heard they only hung out for 30 min.

Let's talk about legislative scholarships and how Boland gave two of them to his largest single contributor after that contributor gave him a single check for $12,000.

Now thats the story, Boland needs to answer the question, WHY!

Posted by: Joe at October 21, 2006 12:10 PM

To say that Haring is for breast cancer shows a real bate and switch wich Boland is very good at. No One is for breast cancer. To say this is just plain ugly. Next we will hear that Boland is for child molestation because he taught someone that grew up to be one in school. This is just a terrible thing to say about someone. This old trick will not work. The real story is the pay for play scholarship scandle that was brought to light by the D/A.

Posted by: Jean at October 21, 2006 02:47 PM

jean and joe

steve haring has openly stated he would have voted against this years budget which included funding for breast and ovarian cancer screenings

the REAL reason we elect a Representative is to vote on bills in Springfield, and Steve Haring's supporters are truly ducking the issues when they refuse to address everything that was in the budget Steve would have voted against.

I'm truly sorry that Steve Haring, and his supporters, speak with such ignorance when it comes to budgetary matters, but a vote against the budget was a vote against opening the Thomson Prison and it was a vote against additional funding for breast and cervical cancer screenings.

It saddens me that Steve's position is so extreme, and it saddens me to see so many people defending his far right agenda.

Huntoon explained Boland's reasoning behind the scholarship, even if I didn't believe Boland because he's a politician, I know Mike Huntoon and I know his word is good!

Posted by: Bobbi-Sue at October 21, 2006 03:50 PM

Boland took another beating in the D/A today. WHat is this guy thinking. The paper called him a liar on his endorsement of a Republican for State Senate against Denny Jacobs after Jacobs had defeated Boland for the State Senate primary. All the other RI county guy's talked about Bolands ineffectivness and his alufeness to others.
This is a bad day for Boland.

Posted by: Anonymous at October 22, 2006 09:04 AM

Why ask the Jacob's family about Boland?

That's kinda like asking the coyote about the road-runner.

Please give me a break!

Posted by: Looney Tunes at October 22, 2006 06:54 PM

I hate to tell you Looney Tunes the only nice things said in the whole article was from Denny Jacobs and Paul Mulcahey. Reading is a skill Looney. The negatives came from Scott Reeder, Joel Brunsvold, Don Wooten, Bud Ford, and a no comment from John G. The truth of the matter when all else fails for Boland, it is time to attack the Jacobs family. Even when they say nice things. The whole truth of the matter is that Boland has passed 15 bills in 11 years. His colleagues call him squish. You hear what these people have said. If they had asked Lane Evans he would have told a simular story. One of betrayal. ie. From Mike Bolands chief of staff "For the record, Jerimiah Posedel, who was a staff person for Congressman Evans, once applied for and received a scholarship from Representative Bolandís office, based upon his own merit. I am sad to say that Jerimiah was let go by Lane Evans because he got the scholarship from our office, at least thatís what I read on The Inside Dope - http://theinsidedope.blogspot.com/2006/05/evans-officially-out-of-race-former.html. There was a reason Boland gave him a scholarship and it was to slap Lane Evans in the face. Very personal.
In the end it comes down to the fact that Boland is all about Boland. Everybody is about themselves to some extent but not to this extent. Boland gave a scholarship to his lady friend Barb Suehl's daughter She gave Boland his biggest personal donation of $16,000. Now Boland and his looney Tunes are trying to blame someone else as usual. It is always about blaming someone else!

Posted by: Anonymous at October 22, 2006 08:53 PM

Boland is in one of the few competitive races locally. It will be interesting to see how Democrats do without the advantage of gerrymandering.

My opinion is that if Boland loses, so would other Democrats if they had competitive challengers.

The hypocrisy of Democrats who decry "one party rule" in DC are more than happy to have "one party rule" locally.

Pathetic. Disgusting.

Posted by: paladin at October 23, 2006 04:35 PM

Paladin, Boland will win even in this district. I think he will retire after ar a good democrat will beat him. There is no way that Boland will lose to this clown.

Posted by: Anonymous at October 24, 2006 07:20 AM

How was Boland giving a deserving young man a scholarship somehow a slap in Lane Evans face?

Boland thought he was giving a scholarship to a public service minded young man, end of story!

Posted by: Anonymous at October 24, 2006 11:24 AM

7:20 you may be right about Boland winning this election. I will just have to get used to the corruption, cronyism and nepotism that the Democrat Party represents locally.

But what the hell does this mean "...he (Boland) will retire after ar(?) a good democrat will beat him."?

Posted by: paladin at October 24, 2006 12:26 PM

To show how bought and paid for Boland is. Madigan will spend $200,000 on Boland. Boland has not spent any of his own $140,000. That says it all.

Posted by: Anonymous at October 25, 2006 10:11 PM

Anonymous at October 25, 2006 10:11 PM - You just don't know what you are talking about if you think Boland's not spending his own campaign war chest.

Haven't you been watching T.V.???

Boland's been paying for a good portion of his own campaign.

And why are you criticizing Boland for being effective in gathering financial support from Party leaders, that's how targeted elections work now days.

Posted by: Anonymous at October 26, 2006 10:42 AM

Just to forewarn you Boland has started playing dirty in his last ditch effort to win this election. He has been walking the streets of Savanna telling people that if he does not get reelected that he will make sure that Thomson prison gets shut down and the $100,000 check to Savanna will disappear.

Boland does NOT have the authority to close TCC and even if he has buddies "in the system" they cannot close the prison without court hearings. He is a WALKING LIE. As far as the $100,000 check i cant speak on that as i have no personal knowledge but PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THESE SCARE TACTICS!!!!

Posted by: Anonymous at October 30, 2006 08:39 PM