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August 16, 2006

Schwigen and Huff

Per a suggestion below, here's a string on the Rock Island County sheriff's race between Mike Huff and Kraig Schwigen.

Huff, you will recall, defeated long-time incumbent Mike Grchan in the Dem primary; the GOP, which had no primary candidate, later appointed Schwigen as its candidate.

Huff's a sergeant on the force; Schwigen's a lieutenant.

Not much going on in the race that I'm aware of, though I did see Huff and supporters had a tent at Tugfest in Port Byron.

The money reports incident both Huff and Schwigen are each the primary source of money for their campaigns.

Huff has a campaign website. If Schwigen does, I've not been able to find it with a cursory search.

Posted by jcb at August 16, 2006 05:50 PM


Though I have no interest in this race I would like to say that Huff's website is more informative than Phil Hare's...

Posted by: Robbie at August 16, 2006 07:20 PM

"Schwigen and Huff"?

Kinda sounds like what some down and out people might do in alleys.

Posted by: TID at August 18, 2006 03:43 AM

Schwiegen parked his car down my street the other night. Has he been doing this a lot? Does he not have money for yard signs?

Posted by: Craig at August 18, 2006 10:23 AM

From a source at Schwigen's fund raisor last night, I was told there were maybe thirty people there. Doesn't sound like too much support to me. No republican can win in this county.

I have heard all or most of the employee's at the Sheriff's Dept. support Huff.

Posted by: Bryan at August 20, 2006 12:07 PM

Maybe the person who posted the information about the fund raiser for Schwigen August 18th
he must have been somewhere else, because when I was there was many more than thirty people were there even with the rain pouring down. If the employee's at the Sheriff's Dept. are for Huff who is telling you this Huff? Huff had better check again. If he is so qualified why hasn't he raised in rank more than a sergent? Who has he promised promotions to if he is elected?
I for one want a Sheriff who has the best qualifications and experience. Many voters voted for Huff over Grchan, what would the vote have been if they had someone else in the race, why didn't Huff win when he ran the last time? If Huff had stayed out the race four years ago we would have had a better Sheriff than either Huff or Grchan. People in Rock Island County should vote for the best qualified person not just because he is a Democrat. The party doesn't always have the most qualified person should we be like sheep and vote for someone just because he belongs to the Democratic party? I sure hope not because Huff will never get my vote.

Posted by: Bonnie at August 20, 2006 06:37 PM

Bonnie. Spoken like a true republican in Rock Island County. There are many locations where political domination by a certain party exist. The reason the presidential hopefulls fly into the QCA airport and go directly to Iowa is because Illinois is not a swing state. Mercer County, Henry County and Whiteside County are all republican dominate. Face the FACTS. There's a reason why a ballet position was available for all county-wide positions. The majority of the public, schwigen not included, is bright enough to know a republican will NOT win in R I co. Huff beat Grchan because the public was tired of his actions. Huff will beat Schwigen because he is linked to Grchan. Schwigen didn't run in the republican primary because he was supporting the person he owes his entire career to. That's Grchan. Don't lose sight of the FACT that Schwigen was Grchan's headhunter, (internal affairs). Schwigen's voting record is democratic. He is using the republicans and they don't get it. Bonnieee. Wake up.

Posted by: Brian at August 22, 2006 12:39 AM

Doesn't surprise me that hardly anyone turned out for Schwigen's fund raiser. Isn't this the same guy that went to a benefit for a baby with brain cancer and tried to campaign? I've also been told he did the same thing at a memorial service for police officers killed in the line of duty. Major league lack of class there folks. I doubt anyone would want to work for this kind of person. I'm voting for Huff.

Posted by: Annie at August 22, 2006 11:35 PM

Why is it that distorting the truth is so much easier than telling the truth? It’ just a typical political reaction that so many candidates use when seeking office. It was used in the past and is prevalent today. The truth may hurt but you’ll be a better person for it. To set the record straight, Lt. Kraig Schwigen also attended the Port Byron Tug Fest. He also had a very successful fundraiser that was well attended and contributions were well received. During the fundraiser, Kraig was interviewed by the local TV media and responded to all questions asked about his reason in seeking the sheriff’s candidacy. His entire record with the sheriffs department is available for the public to view. Will Sgt. Huff offer his records to the public for viewing? It all boils down to the candidates work record and his accomplishments. Political party affiliation should not be the criteria in evaluating a candidate. This is why Lt. Kraig Schwigen, who has nothing to hide, is the most qualified person to run the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department. He will provide the service this county needs that it has lacked for so many years. It’s time for change and the entire Rock Island County will reap the benefits. A public servant shouldn’t ever use smear tactics.

Citizen for better government.

Posted by: Citizen for better government at August 24, 2006 04:22 PM

Unfortunately for Schwigen, the polotics do matter. This County won't elect a republican.

He keeps compairing the election to hiring a chief of police. Then why don't he apply for a chief of police possition if he is so qualified. He would surley get it with his "super" qualifications and experience, right? Or maybe he's not that qualified.

Posted by: ri dem at August 26, 2006 09:09 AM

OK Mr. Schwigen, er, I mean Citizen for a better Government: The "truth" is that you were one of Grchan's "boys" who has a well established record of voting Democrat who "suddenly" is running as a Republican. It's very evident why you then say "Political party affiliation should not be the criteria in evaluating a candidate". You also say "It’s time for change", yet you have said openly that you would change very little??? The people have spoken that they want real change in the way the sheriff's dept. is ran. That's why Mr. Huff was able to unseat the incumbent, not an easy thing to do. You are part of the administration that ruled by threats and intimidation. YOU are not what the people want in their next sheriff. You also spout CONSTANTLY how you want to show your records, etc. Let's not forget that Grchan spent hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars trying to unjustly fire Mr. Huff, which was then overturned in the courts. In fact, didn't a judge rule that both Grchan and his Chief Deputy lied under oath?? I'm sure that Grchan and his cronies, including you, had plenty of input in a guys file that they have a vendetta against. So, you have a situation of the Fox in charge of the hen house and you want to exploit that in the name of the "truth"??? I'll bet you do. Nice try. Vote Huff for Sheriff.

Posted by: Annie at August 29, 2006 12:06 AM

I can't believe how commenters assume who another commenter is. You don't have a clue Annie.

Posted by: Jenny at August 29, 2006 02:33 PM


OK, go with that. :)

Posted by: Annie at August 30, 2006 12:19 AM

I am a retired baliff from the Sheriff's Dept., and fully support Mike Huff for Sheriff, as do many others. From what I have seen, It appears that most if not all of the deptartment support Huff. By passing by the dept., I have noticed several employee vehicles dawning the likes of Huff for Sheriff stickers. No one with the other guy.

Additionally, AFSCME, the union that represents the correctional officers, telecomunicators, and the maintenance staff, endorsed Huff in the primary and are still supplying strong support for the general election. The deputy's union doesn't endorse candadites, but very few can stand Schwigen. He used to be Grchan's HIT MAN.

Listen to the poeple that know and have worked for both of these men. VOTE HUFF !!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: RI DEM at September 1, 2006 01:55 PM

"This is the EPA. Come out with your hands up."

Posted by: Demi at September 1, 2006 11:30 PM

If Schwigen is that qualified, why is it that if Grchan leaves office early, the County Board is going to place Huff in office early. This has been unanomously decided by the entire County Board. These are the elected officials that the citizens of Rock Island County put their trust in to run the County. I think they know who the best person for the job is. They have the authority to veiw both candidates personnel files. Schwigen must be full of hot air. Huff is the man.

Posted by: Dick at September 2, 2006 10:44 AM

Hey John, what is your take on this Sheriff's race. Just currious. I think the obvious edge goes to Huff.

Posted by: Tom at September 2, 2006 11:11 AM

Annie, it appears you’re from a different planet than the majority of voters in Rock Island County. Get your head out of the sand and smell the coffee. To air dirty laundry in the media is not conducive to running a good campaign. Your remarks about Lt. Schwigen being “ one of Grchens good ole boy’s” has me really puzzled. I should hope that both candidates and other sheriff’s department employee’s work under the same set of rules and all goals are for the betterment of the Sheriffs Dept. But, it appears that we have two sets of rules how best to run the department. Sgt. Huff, who appears to have no clue to what’s going on versus Lt. Schwigen, whose tenure on the Sheriff’s Department has never been investigated. Yet, both men have worked for and are currently working for the same solution and problems. In my younger days I thought that the Trust Equation should govern a persons life.
Trust has an age-old recipe: one part disclosure, one part truth, and one part intention. Disclosure: In short, you have to open up, lay aside the public face of a dirty politician and tell it like it is. Don’t hold back the true facts. Truth: If you can’t tell the truth, you shouldn’t be running for office. The voters require that as a prerequisite for good government. Intention: Most people have had the experience of seeing a candidate promising one thing and after he is in office he forms his own agenda. Please make the records available so that everyone can see the true facts and remove that suspicious cloud that follows Sgt. Huff. If you have nothing to hide, than make it available to the public, media and Citizens for better government.

Posted by: Citizen for better government at September 3, 2006 11:38 AM

Nice try CBG, but your still going to lose. How does that really feel. Fortunately for us, we know that now, unfortunately for you, you have to wait for Nov. 7th.

I think Schwigen's camapiagn is broken just like his parade car. It just doesn't work here, get out and stop before you embaress yourself anymore than you already have. But what do you expect from a guy who claims he is something but truthfully is not. Sorry Schwigen camp. You lose.:(

Posted by: RI DEM at September 4, 2006 05:56 PM

RI Dem- The so-called broken down car did not require any repairs. If it was necessary the car could be repaired since the vintage of the car is 1949. What’s the excuse Sgt. Huff has in not debating Lt. Schwigen? Might it be that he is beyond
repair? We are all awaiting your distinguished past back ground that is riddled with many questions.

Posted by: Citizen for better government at September 5, 2006 09:25 AM

My projection is that Schwigen will get less votes that Angelo Anderson recieved in the last general election. That would be under 15,000. No where close to win this race. Sorry.

Please quite the accusations about the democratic candidate. Unless you have some proof of this, shut up. I do unsestand though this is how the republicans work.

How could it be that he has bad things in his back ground and still have full support of the entire County board and its elected officials. Oh yes, he is so riddled with trouble, that the County Board has included him in all of the executive business going on in the county. Such as the budget and building commission. Huff holds a lower rank than Schwigen in the department, yet the County officials trust Huff and not Schwigen with its business. Lets ask the question, why is this? The answer is simple. Huff is more qualified than Schwigen and the County trusts him, not Schwigen.

Posted by: RI DEM at September 5, 2006 12:18 PM

Obviously Mike Huff has some things to hide, if he is not willing to show everybody his own file. Especially if he alleged that Grchan tried firing him but was unsuccessful. To RI DEM, try again bud, the Deputies Union, which is FOP could endorse a canidate if they wanted to. The County Board is as wrong and blind as Mike Huff is. They just want Huff because he is a Dem., if the roles were reversed and Schwigen was a dem, then that would want him in there. All Huff has done is gained support from the Corrections Dept. because thats where all of his promises have gone. What or How is he going to help the deputies,(where he started.) Why won't he come out and speak or debate what he wants to do with the entire Department, is he scared, does he have something to hide or just can not speak in public. Being a Dem. myself, I will not vote for Huff just because he is a Dem. but I will vote for Schwigen who does have some good ideas for the Sheriff's Department and is a person that I would trust.

Posted by: j.j. at September 5, 2006 12:51 PM

Again you people have no proof. Just Jibber. Quite talking, and show us the proof, and maybe you might gain some credit to your accusations.

You must be alone jj. Because most deputies i've talked to support Huff. Ask around. And its not that they (F.O.P.)can't endorse, they choose not to. Why don't you take a poll with the entire department. Bet I know who wins. :) Not Schwigen. The people can't stand him.

Posted by: RI DEM at September 5, 2006 02:13 PM

Car dead call Fred. Campaign dead vote Huff. schwigen does have a web site it's cluelessloser.dum

Posted by: Demi at September 5, 2006 03:08 PM

RI Dem- The so-called broken down car did not require any repairs. If it was necessary the car could be repaired since the vintage of the car is 1949. What’s the excuse Sgt. Huff has in not debating Lt. Schwigen? Might it be that he is beyond
repair? We are all awaiting your distinguished past back ground that is riddled with many questions.

Posted by: Citizen for better government at September 5, 2006 03:33 PM

Citizen, not sure where you get that Mr. Huff won't debate you. I believe there are two months to go in this campaign season, right? Mr. Huff is very busy going to meetings with different organizations and important individuals that is productive with running a successful campaign. Schwigen was quoted in the paper before the primary election saying that there are problems in the Sheriff's Dept. that need to be changed. Since then, he has been spouting that he feels very little needs to change. It is obvious that the people of RI County feel differently by electing Mr. Huff as the democratic candidate over Mr. Grchan. It is not a secret to the public anymore that there are a lot of issues with the current administration and the way the dept. has been ran for years. Mr. Schwigen is a part of the upper admin. that has run their own agendas instead of caring more about the people of this county and what they can do for us. Mr. Schwigen has recently been going around trying to mend fences with people within the dept. that he had gone after while having the "trusted position of internal affairs officer" for Sheriff Grchan. It comes back to bite you when you're willing to go against good morals and values and toy with peoples careers and life so long as it's benefits yourself. Even Grchan found out he couldn't trust him and took him out of that position along with many other duties he no longer has. All I ever hear, is Schwigen is willing to open up his file to the public. I'm sure it's mysteriously clean when you've been Grchan's internal affairs officer and willing to do any shading thing you can for him against your fellow deputies and co-workers. Schwigen can pretend that he had no part in the problems Grchan created within the dept. but we all know better. I think Schwigen is running for Sheriff to give himself a little p.r. for his business. It's funny how that's the last thing that's mentioned about Schwigen in his flyers and letters to the editor. We need a Sheriff that has his priorities in order and his total attention to the Sheriff's Dept. and the people of this county. I think we know where his first priority would lie if his "million dollar business" needed attention. The citizens of this county have been put second for too long and we're not going to be fooled again. Mr. Huff genuinely cares about the department and the people and wants to make progressive action to better the services to our county. We all need to be smart and elect Mr. Huff Sheriff of Rock Island County.

Posted by: R.C. at September 5, 2006 04:50 PM

You’re right on JJ. Walking the Labor Day Parade in Rock Island and East Moline, we were asked numerous times when the debates were scheduled since an incumbent would take office, and, voters wanted to ask questions of the candidates.
Our only recourse was to tell them that Huff hasn’t agreed to any debate schedule. And, as far as I know will never be agreed too. Lt. Schwigen will never compromise
his beliefs. But, it appears that Huff is like the wind. It may appear that he has issues but is keeping them to his self. Huff, be a through breed and set an agenda that all of us can understand. We need to know what your strategy and agenda is and that you’re not merely walking in Grchan’s footsteps. Huff sounds like he was seating on Santa’s lap. When Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, his lawyer who was standing at his side said, “ I must remind you that my client is nice until proven naughty.” He still remains silent. Poor boy.

Posted by: Citizen for better government at September 5, 2006 06:14 PM

CBG and alike,

I can't believe that all of Rock Ilsand County's elected officials are all wrong and only you are right. It sounds like you are one voice making bogus claims against the mass of people who know and support Huff.

It sounds like the tone of a sore loser already. I agree with RI DEM, put up or shut up. If you have some dirt on Huff, what is it? I think your'e all hot air. All blow and no go. Sorry pal, the republicans have screwed this country far long enough. Wer'e not going to let you screw up our County too.

Good luck on applying for a chief of police job somewhere since that is all you talk about. But nowhere in this county please.

Posted by: rico voter at September 5, 2006 07:24 PM

A letter to the person that states, “ Huff might debate Lt. Schwigen” You state that there are two months to go before the election and that Mr. Huff is very busy going to meetings with different organizations and important individuals productive with running a successful campaign. Don’t the same hurdles apply to Lt. Schwigen? Not only does Lt. Schwigen have a similar work schedule to Mr. Huff, but also he is assigned total third shift responsibilities and is required to come in on first shift for meetings. And, during his busy work schedule, he still must find time to catch a nap whenever his schedule permits. Unfortunately you were not present to hear Mr. Huff state, in the John Deere Harvester parking lot after the Labor Day parade while getting into his van, that he felt more comfortable talking to people on a one to one basis or even two on one. And, he wouldn’t agree to any debate schedule. Let’s be sensible about an election campaign. Don’t both parties need to know a candidate’s position? Let me strongly emphasize “again“, that Lt. Schwigens work record is available to any Rock Island County voter to view and we hope Mr. Huff will take the same oath. If Mr. Huff genuinely cares about the people and wants to make progressive action to better serve our county, than lets start with his work ethics and accomplishments. That should be very easy while not tiring him out to much.

Posted by: Citizen for better government at September 6, 2006 09:23 AM

On election day Huff, Hare, Jacobs, Boland and Blago will win. That will be the last we hear about the rest of these fools!

Posted by: Anonymous at September 6, 2006 09:44 AM

The thing you republicans don't relize is that Huff doesn't have to debate. He doesn't have to do a whole lot and he is still going to win. Ryme or reason doesn't matter. I think you get that. If not, you have been living in a cave for a long time.

Posted by: anonymous 2 at September 6, 2006 09:59 AM

Citizen, I find it rather interesting that you talk "again" about the open file, however, you avoid many other points that I'm sure you wish were never brought to light. It should make us all go "HMMM". Let me point out that your quote is completely wrong about what Mr. Huff said at the parade on Monday. Apparently there's some attention deficit problem there. Mr. Huff said that he has had deputies and other staff come up to him and ask for private meetings with him because they do not feel comfortable talking in a big group about issues they are interested in addressing with him. I wonder if it could be because they feel the same way about you that they did about Grchan when he had his strangle hold on them. I'm sure they are all feeling there could be retaliation from you later, just like old times huh! It's obvious when you go by a deputies house and see a Huff sign in the yard that they are much more at ease about the upcoming election. You are correct about one thing. Both candidates do have similar hurdles, however, yours are much bigger. You are the one that needs to try to fill gaping wounds you helped create within the dept. not Mr. Huff. If your work schedule is so difficult now, what ever would you do if you had the important position of being leader of this county. Not that you need to worry about it, just that it might be something to consider before you leap into something you're not prepared for in the future. I'm sure that your house building business and 3rd shift patrol are all you can handle at one time. You know, to allow you time to roll out your kindergarten mat and catch naps. Obviously you are the one that is tiring out before you even get started. Mr. Huff will do what he feels is right when the correct opportunity and timing arise. I'm sure you are chomping at the bit to start throwing negative slander around, but it doesn't make sense to give you a soap box to stand on to talk about yourself when no one wants to hear it. Let me remind you that Mr. Huff has been diligently working on his campaign for the last 4 years or so and giving careful thought and consideration about the citizens of this county and the services he would like to implement WHEN he becomes sheriff. Unlike yourself, that has some fly-by-night idea and threw something together a few months ago because your plan to retire in Jan. 06 didn't work out. You should stick with your original plan and shoot for Dec. 1, 06 to retire. I guess it's very apparent since you weren't prepared enough to run in the primary election if you wanted a real chance. Or perhaps you just weren't up for the real work to be done on a campaign. In a sense, Mr. Huff has won the war and just needs to finish off one last small battle. By the way, if you want to talk ethics, let's talk personal ethics. After all, you can put on a game face in public but what matters is the quality person you are behind the badge. There was no response to the above poster that mentioned Schwigen went to a benefit for a baby with cancer and did some campaigning. I can vouch for that because I was there and heard many conversations about how disgusted people were by his actions. That has BAD morals, values and ethics written all over it. Rock Island County does need a Sheriff with good ethics, morals and values and you sir are not it. Vote HUFF Nov. 7th.

Posted by: R.C. at September 6, 2006 01:46 PM

I heard Mike Huff is a little gun/trigger happy.

Posted by: j.j. at September 6, 2006 01:51 PM

Has he shot someone in the past? Please fill us in. Or is this just more make believe? I think the later.

Posted by: RI DEM at September 6, 2006 02:21 PM

I heard the EPA is looking into Schwigen burning down a house on property so he could develope it faster. Unfortunate thing for him is, he had no permit and it contained asbestos.

Thats a NO NO Kraig. This coming from the local fire department that was called out for the fire. Not very good ethics Mr. Schwigen.

Posted by: jt at September 6, 2006 03:53 PM

J.J.I'm glad you mentioned the trigger happy incident. I was at a army surplus store today and they told me that they were completely sold out of guns and ammo. But they had cluster bombs and grenades availble. I asked him why the stock was depleted, and he said an older van that looked like it had been brush painted bought out the entire inventory. I wonder what's next?

Posted by: Citizen for better government at September 6, 2006 04:19 PM

It's a shame that so many people have to make statements about a person that are untrue. If you people get Mike Huff as Sheriff you will be sorry. I'm a Democrat, but I don't vote for anyone I feel isn't qualified to hold the job just because the Democratic party wants him in office. Look what they did when they appointed Jim Shaw years ago, who beat him in the election?
Randy Heaton, a Republican who was one of our better Sheriffs. If Huff had stayed out of the election 4 years ago, Jungworth would have beaten Grchan, Huff is a divider. Heaven help us if he gets elected.

Posted by: bonnie at September 6, 2006 06:41 PM

Bonnie -- you've got a long memory. If my memory serves correctly, Randy Heaton is the only Republican elected to a RICO office since I got here in 1972, and he did win primarily because Jim Shaw -- routinely described as "colorful" -- was your basic joke.

I don't know Huff, but nothing I've read or heard about him would put him quite down on Shaw's level. Still, the sheriff's office is one voters have been willing to give to a Republican if the Dem candidate isn't quite up to snuff.

Posted by: jcb at September 6, 2006 06:59 PM

If you are familar with Huff, ask him about his quick draw days.

Posted by: Retired at September 6, 2006 07:24 PM

I hear that schwigen is having another fundraiser. He will be burning down another house and handing out hot dogs to cook. The only down fall is that you have to wear a mask because of the asbestos. He has another house in the way of his development.

If he has so much department support why is it that there are no Correctional Officers or Deputy's with his signs in their yards? It looks like Huff has almost all of the department covered.

Posted by: People for Responsible Government JAS at September 6, 2006 08:01 PM

Who is this Schwigen guy. I never seen anything about him during the primary. I forgot he was put in by the repubicans at the request of Mike Grchan because he lost the primary. Grchan was nothing more than a DINO ( Democrat In Name Only ) Now he is supporting his headhunter that he had for years, Kraig Schwigen. "I would rather take a republican hunting instead of voting for one." The VP had the right idea.

Posted by: concerned voter at September 6, 2006 08:43 PM

Hey JAS, get over yourself. Stop looking at the dayshifter's yards. If I was lazy too, maybe someday I could go to days at my job and put another dayshifter's name in my yard. Huff does not have almost all of the department covered. Maybe the department of lazy and disgruntled workers.

Posted by: me at September 6, 2006 09:13 PM

How come nobody has responded about Huff and his quick draw days, maybe because it is true.

Posted by: retired at September 6, 2006 09:14 PM

would it be possible that all the people posting negative comments and throwing mud towards Lt. Schwigen are the same disgruntled deputies who were disciplined for their misjudgements and errors in the actions. I suppose these are probably the same ones who have a Huff sign in their yard.

Posted by: Democrat supporting a republican at September 6, 2006 11:26 PM

It doesn't take the sharpest tool in the shed to figure out why Huff wont release his file. I'm sure he along with his followers know there is something in there he doesn't want the public to know about.

Posted by: Democrat supporting a Republican. at September 7, 2006 12:29 AM

I just went to Mike Huff's web page and almost laughed myself silly. His claim to fame is operation adobe. That was 20 years ago. What else have you done? He also wants to institute a TRIAD system. That program has also been around about that long. If he is so dedicated to that program why is it not already started. He claims to be a leader and says that he will lead in a progressive manner, come up with something new and post it on your website. Operation adobe didn't stop the drug problem in Rock Island County. I would agree that it was a small victory, but if that's you major accomplishment in your career and is what your hanging your hat on I think your going to be picking your hat up off the floor. As far as being elected as the president of the FOP several times, how do we know that you wern't the only one that was running. Please provide what training you have you had that would prepare you to handle an entire Law Enforcement facility and oversee a multi million dollar budget. Do you have any management experience other then being a street level supervisor? have you been to the FBI Academy? Do you have any experience in budgeting other then your own checkbook? Lets hear what makes you the most qualified. How are you going to save tax dollars and improve services.

Posted by: Democrat supporting a Republican. at September 7, 2006 01:21 AM

To the person who questions why there are no signs for Lt. Schwigen in deputies yards, most law enforcement employees do not put policial signs in their yards, they keep their choices to themself. Question do you know who Huff has promised head of the jail, or who he promised under sheriff to if he becomes Sheriff? I will vote for Lt.Schwigen because he has proven himself to be well educated and a good business man, I would trust him to handle the multi million dollar budget. Is gossip the only thing Huff supporters can do, Huff was the lessor of two evils in the Grchan/Huff primary, at least now in Lt.Schwigen we have a choice of someone who is better qualified to be Sheriff and make Rock Island County Sheriff's department more respected by the other law enforcement agencies.
Grchan was a joke and Huff will make the department a joke too. It takes a man to stand up for his convictions and Lt.Schwigen has proven he is a man of his word and he has been able to do any given job in the department.

Posted by: Bonnie a Democrat supporting a Republian at September 7, 2006 04:56 PM

Bonnie, you ask what Mr. Huff's plans are for the positions in the dept. Do you know what Mr. Schwigen's plans are? Is he keeping the same admin.? If so, I guess we can plan on seeing no changes that are needed. He has said he doesn't think much needs to change. You apparently know him very well. Exactly what makes Mr. Schwigen so well educated? Did he go to college at the school of make believe? Last any one knew he doesn't have a college degree. Not sure how that makes a guy well qualified for the job. I have checked Huff out and his website states he has a LAW ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION DEGREE at Western Illinois University, 1979. That's what I call qualified. Not some guy who can throw money at an architect and say design me some plans.

Posted by: L.W. at September 7, 2006 10:30 PM

Not one sign of a supporter for schwegen at the Sheriff's Department. Overwhelming support for HUFF. The employees KNOW. The rest of you are just flapping your jaws. Let me repeat that. The employees are the most knowledgeable about their co-workers. GET IT?

Posted by: Right at September 8, 2006 11:11 PM

Republicans such as Zinga, Beals and Schwing are heading for defeat on election day.

Posted by: Ialsowonder at September 9, 2006 03:28 PM

Right, I have to respond to your last comment. I just happen to be at a local sporting event this weekend and spoke with a Rock Island County Deputy. We spoke about the election and he indicated that there are Deputies that support Lt. Schwigen but are to afraid to voice their support due to Sgt. Huff being vindictive and holding grudges. He also indicated that the FOP asked Sgt. Huff to come to a union meeting so they could ask him some questions. Sgt. Huff stated that he was to busy and could not attend and stated that he wanted all the Deputies names that wanted to question him at the meeting. My question is if he is to busy to speak with the union members that he will be managing now, how will he find time for them if he is the Sheriff. I would think he would make the time to attend the meeting and answer every question they have. Already a poor display of leadership.

Posted by: Democrat supporting a Republican. at September 10, 2006 10:53 PM

Sorry to say that Huff does NOT have the whole department covered. As someone very close to many of the deputies and their families, most stay out of the political game and keep their views to themselves. The deputies openly supporting Huff may be defined as questionable themselves. What do they have to gain if Huff is elected? Signs is all Huff has right now.

I myself would like to see a debate between the candidates to make a decision based on issues, not who has more signs out or who is affiliated with what party.

Posted by: gop at September 11, 2006 08:38 AM

LW you seem to think Sgt. Huff is so well educated, how do you know, did you see his Degree? How do you know what education Lt. Schwigen has? Lt. Schwigen has more life experience and management know how. I really don't want my tax money spent by someone who doesn't have experience in handling money, we tax payers are burdened enough. If Sgt. Huff won't debate, how do we know what he intends to do? What new policies to benefit the Sheriff's Department. What will benefit all the deputies
or will only the deputies that support him benefit. If Sgt. Huff has so much support of the Deputies in the department why does he refuse to attend the union meeting and answer questions? I'm sure the voters would like to hear what he proposes for the department and as a voter I would be glad to attend and listen to what he has to say. Is Sgt. Huff afraid to let the voters hear both sides of the issues? The only thing I've heard so far about what he intends to do is his choices of changing head jailer and under sheriff, knowing one of the choices he is not qualified for the job, but I guess it's just going to be paying back favors if Sgt. Huff gets elected

Posted by: a Democrat supporting a Republian at September 11, 2006 01:56 PM

Dem. supporting rep., perhaps you were confused about who you and this "deputy" were talking about. You must have been speaking of Grchan and Fisher because that's how they've done business for the last sixteen years. That is exactly the type of administration that Mr. Huff is determined to do away with. You question who Mr. Huff will have in his admin. and there have been some rumors about it, but that's all it is, rumors. I question who Schwigen is planning on having as his admin. It is well known now that Fisher is a big part of why this dept. is so screwed up, but yet Under Sheriff Fisher and Lt. Fisher were one of the few that attended Schwigen's fundraiser. I wonder what they have been promised. I'm sure that we can expect no changes with Schwigen keeping the same mis-guided admin. The people of R.I. County want change for the better, not the same old, broken down admin. that hasn't done much for us in sixteen years except wasting our hard earned tax payer dollars. No thanks Schwigen! Been there, done that!

Posted by: anonymous at September 12, 2006 12:19 AM

I did an internship with the RICO Sheriff's Dept. and I have to honestly say I didn't deal a whole lot with Huff, but what I did see of Schwigen I didn't like. Shortly after my internship I was offered a position with Scott County and I took it. RICO has some serious issues. I just hope whomever is elected can fix the problems created under Grchan.

Posted by: Sticking with Scott Co. at September 13, 2006 01:07 AM

Sticking with Scott co., Thank you for your input. Obviously this person has nothing to gain by who wins this election. Totally unbiased and based on real experience. This person along with many other good officers that saw the crap and turned tale and ran to go somewhere else for their career. I can think of many people that have left the dept. because they wanted a better work place and didn't want to chance their career on whether Grchan, Fisher, or Schwigen got mad at them and then wouldn't get promotions etc. because of it. "Sticking" I'd say you made the right choice at that time. Hopefully when new admin. is put in place the RICO will be run properly and we'll quit losing good officers.

Posted by: anonymous at September 13, 2006 11:13 AM

Come on people...Huff can not even look you directly in the eye when he talks to you!! What's up with That!!
Is Schwigen really a rep or is he a dem at heart.
Check it out...
Work for the County and you will know who will be the best Sheriff
Go Schwigen

Posted by: anoonymous at September 14, 2006 06:28 PM

Before youe vote for Huff, I suggest you drive past his house. It looks as if the place was run over by cockroaches. If this is how Huff handles his property --- imagine what he's going to do to ours (taxpayers)!

Posted by: TammyWayneSmith at September 15, 2006 12:12 PM

"anoonymous", you're the extreme minority these days. If any one knew the real Kraig Schwigen they would certainly not back him. You need to do some homework on this candidate and I'm sure after that you'll change your mind. This guy is a wolf in sheeps clothing. How can you dispute it when even Kraig admits in the paper no one likes him in the dept. Having had the position of "professional standards officer" has nothing to do with it. No one likes him because of the manner in which he has chosen to conduct himself in that position. He has chosen to do things that will benefit himself at the expense of any other fellow officer and RI Co. employee. Shouldn't he of all people, having that position, be very honest and professional and not "scheme" with the sheriff and under sheriff? I would think that he is supposed to be the one that sets the standards that other officers are to model themselves after. Sounds like the fox in charge of the hen house.

Posted by: L.W. at September 15, 2006 12:33 PM

LW you probably aren't in law enforcemen, if you were you would know that in any department the position of professional standards officer is not always liked by the officers that have something to hide. When I read Huff's statement that all officers horsed around with their guns 20 years ago I wondered what type of officers he hung around with. Guns are not toys, you don't point your gun at anyone unless you intend to use it, you are taught that in firearms training. I wonder how many of his fellow officers feel comfortable around him? I for one don't want a gun happy Sheriff. I want a person who knows how to take care of his personal property, handle fincial matters and do his job professionally, not someone who thinks he is in the wild west. Mr.Huff's theme song from his truck is "Bad Boys" he must watch alot of TV, does he expect to run the Sheriff's Department like a TV Show? I'll take the real Kraig Schwigen any day to a wannabe cowboy.

Posted by: a Democrat supporting a Republian at September 18, 2006 01:14 PM

"Horse play?" I think Mr. Huff is setting a poor example for our children.

Posted by: Ms.Merrit at September 18, 2006 03:44 PM

Democrat supporting moron, I understand that anyone that is in charge of investigating co-workers would not be well received. What you don't get is what I said before, ( Having had the position of "professional standards officer" has nothing to do with it. No one likes him because of the manner in which he has chosen to conduct himself in that position.) You can do your job in that position and not be a vindictive jerk. I find it hard to believe that there would be a need for so many deputy's and dept. employees to be investigated unless you were trying to target them. The Sheriff's dept. isn't that big and I doubt there would be that many "bad" cops doing serious enough things to warrant it that often. If there was truly a serious issue with someone within the dept., it should probably be handled by the state police in order for it to be fair and unbiased. But, then again, we are talking about Grchan, Fisher and Schwigen and FAIR isn't in their vocabulary. RI County used to have a fair and unbiased interanl affairs officer, but because he didn't use his position in a vindictive manner he was removed. As far as the gun issue, Mr. Huff willingly admits that he made a mistake 23 YEARS AGO. He wasn't the only one that made that mistake either. It wasn't serious enough to even discipline him over. Schwigen and yourself can try making it into a bigger deal, but the rest of us aren't going to listen to it. Schwigen trying to sensationalize everything is not going to help his cause. I'd rather have a sheriff who's man enough to admit his mistakes, than a sheriff that willingly admits he's a scaredy cat that's afraid of something that happened 23 years ago and is still trying to cover his tracks of all his wrong doings. A crystal clean file that Grchan helped sanitize doesn't cut it. RI County is trying to rid ourselves of the bad reputation we've gotten from having a power hungry sheriff. We don't need a reputation in this county for having a pansy for a sheriff.

Posted by: L. W. at September 19, 2006 02:13 PM

LW you seem to have a lot of sour grapes, maybe you were one of the people that had to be investigated and you didn't like the outcome. It's a free country and we don't all have to endorse the same party or person. I happen to know both canidates and I still prefer Kraig Schwigen, I'll pit his morals against Mike Huff anyday. As for his pulling a gun as a mistake years ago, the seeds you sow follow you throughout your life. You are judged by your actions. A person in law enforcement should be of good morals and not think that pulling a gun on another deputy would be horseplay. Personally I would be afraid to answer calls with Mike Huff, maybe he should go back and get more firearm training and they could teach him that a gun is not a toy.

Posted by: a Democrat supporting a Republian at September 19, 2006 03:22 PM

Dem.-No I was not investigated by Schwigen. I too happen to know both candidates rather well, and you couldn't pay me enough to vote for Schwigen. If you are judged by your actions then Schwigen is definitely screwed. If you want to talk morals then ask Kraig why he had to drop a million plus law suit around 1996. I'll just bet there's a good line of b.s. he tells about that too.

Posted by: L.W. at September 19, 2006 11:13 PM

A lot of the republican candidates seem to be sue happy -

Posted by: Anonymous at September 25, 2006 03:04 PM

Unless you know the facts, you shouldn't make statements about things think you
you know. There are many law suits each year filed by both the Democrats and Republicans.
I was taught that "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones". It must be nice to be so perfect as some of you writers think you are.

Posted by: a Democrat supporting a Republian at September 29, 2006 05:42 PM

Yes it is.

Posted by: Anonymous at October 1, 2006 08:48 AM