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June 17, 2006

This n' that....

So Friday was Phil Hare's last day as Lane Evans' district director. Better late than never, I guess.

Still nothing on file with the Federal Election Commission to indicate a campaign committee's been formed. (See A correction) Still no campaign website, that I can find anyway. I hope he's planning on doing one. Be a big help to people in the zig-zag district.


Both candidates were in the Springfield zig a while back holding press conferences. Doug Finke reported in the Journal-Register that both mentioned drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve. Hare's against it, period. Zinga thinks it might be ok if she's convinced there'd be no environmental damage.

Here's a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service assessment" she should read. She could check out the Wikipedia entry on the controversy, too. After she does, maybe she'll be a little less mushy on the question, one way or the other.


Both Hare and Zinga declare themselves eager to debate the other, so I'm assuming there'll be some. Be interesting if, in addition to whatever formal affairs get set up, the two would make a bunch of joint appearances, show themselves to people of both parties and engage in some give-and-take that wasn't so carefully scripted.

Be a huge relief from TV ads and whatnot.


Zinga hopes to raise $300,000 by the end of the month; said she was a third of the way there a couple of weeks ago.

A person would think that'd be enough to run a dang good campaign in a rural Illinois district. But if she hits the goal or comes close, it'll just be a signal for the big out-of-district money to get in the race.

Probably gonna get expensive out there, folks.


Speaking of expensive -- 'cross the river, in Iowa's First District, Republican Mike Whalan has raised more than $600k and spent will more than half a mil; Democrat Bruce Braley's raised nearly $600k and spent $400k-plus. And that was just in the primary.

Fifty-eight percent of Braley's money came from out of state; 24 percent of Whalen's did. (opensecrets.org)

Think I'll find something besides politics to write about.

Posted by jcb at June 17, 2006 09:22 PM


Did you happen to see Phil Hare crying on the front page of the paper today. This is the second time in a month that he has been in the D/A crying. I am all for a good cry but to see him set up crying is plane pandering. He either just so happens the the press shows up as he starts crying or he calls the press and says please come quick while I am still crying. This is the biggest farce that he has perpetrated so far.
I can only think that he is trying to to soften his image, but this theater is too much for this democrat. He has proven to be a great actor and I think that it is cheap. He has turned me off.

Posted by: Cry Babby at June 18, 2006 01:16 PM

Phil Hare should pay back the money he took from us while he was running for the appointment. It is the ethical thing to do!!

Posted by: Ethical or not at June 18, 2006 01:25 PM

We must get different editions of the D/A, Babby. Cryin' Phil was on my front page yesterday, but today I have a photo of a motorcycle and a bleached blond in a low cut top.

jcb had some interesting information in his Saturday column, which he has not reproduced here. In the '04 election cycle, Lane Evans got more money from Chicago and Stanford CA than the QCs. It's really interesting to think about how deep or shallow Lane's support was locally, but how he was able to win anyway with the financial help of outsiders.

No wonder jcb wants to change the subject!

Posted by: paladin at June 18, 2006 02:01 PM

Already stumbling? Phil said in the Dispatch (6/7) after the appointment that he already had raised $5,000. Once you raise $5,000 you have to file.

Any word on what Lane is doing with his funds. I think he has a couple options. Keep it and dole it out in increments to many candidates. Return the donations. Or give it to the IL Democrats.

Posted by: Don't Let Me Stumble at June 18, 2006 09:00 PM

This will be the interesting thing to watch...will the special interests that fed the Lane Evans bank accounts do the same for Hare - if so, Zinga has a big problem.

If Hare does not get the out-of-town special interest money, Zinga will have a shot, as the District Democrats have never come to the table with checkbook in hand.

Posted by: havinfun at June 18, 2006 09:23 PM

Here's the link to the Hare campaign committee report: Friends of Phil Hare.

Arthur Winstein is the treasurer.

Am trying to further explore but the FEC database has molasses in it at the moment. Been waiting 15 minutes for the contributions page to come up. Waiting ......

An addendum -- Hare's statement of candidacy was received by the FEC on April 17.

The statement or organization for Friends of Phil Hare was also filed April 17.

Posted by: jcb at June 18, 2006 10:05 PM

Great job your doing with staying on top of this Hare guy John. Your right! Let's see a web site.
And I think your readers are picking up on what
he's all about. The letters are right on.

That front page picture of him was a joke.

I heard Hare received one $5000 donation from
one union group. Big deal.

keep up the good work

Posted by: JD, Moline at June 18, 2006 10:19 PM

Good to see Brother Art play with the big boys. First, he's called to protect Lane from the "vultures". Now Arthrur has taken the role as "counselor" to Congressman Hare. Surely Arthur acquired wisdom at the
knee of his beloved father and will play a role in Hare's ascent to power.

Wait and watch the money pour. Unions are lining up to hand Borther Hare checks. People are going to be impressed with Phil ability to raise money. He has proven to be a "dogged" man!

As far as the "crying issue", I surmise a "mechanic of the Machine" advised Phil to soften his image, as some thought Phil was being protrayed as "overly hard". Either way, I don't think it is wise to keep crying all the time. In my opinion, it makes Brother Hare appear a little unstable!

Posted by: DOGboy at June 19, 2006 12:01 AM