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April 26, 2006

The electors named, and other 17th District stuff

At the bottom this post there's a list of the Democrat precinct committeepeople elected in Rock Island, Henry, Mercer and Whiteside counties in the March 21 primary, in most cases with their phone number. The list also will be in the D/A Thursday.

Lists from the remaining 19 counties falling all or in part in the 17th District will be added Thursday. Feel free to call the committeepeople and share your view on who they should cast their votes for when it comes to pick a candidate to replace Lane Evans as the congressional nominee.


I stopped by 17th District Committeeman Don Johnston's eighth annual all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner at the Legion post in Moline for 45 minutes or so, from about 5:15 til until about 6. The place was packed.

Phil Hare, the favorite of RICO's party leadership was there, busy meeting and greeting. John Sullivan, the state senator from Rushville who's reported to have strong support in the middle stretches of the district, was there, too. Talked to Mark Schwiebert's Mom as I was leaving; she said the mayor would be there a little later.

Johnston, who supplied the names below, said the number of committeepeople elected March 21 now stands at 396. He said he's made no effort to find out the names of people appointed to fill 325 vacant posts in the wake of the primary -- he's still firm that state law will allow only those elected in the primary to vote on filling the vacancy on the ballot that will occur when Evans follows through on his plan to decline the nomination.

He said he's considering various suggestions on how to conduct the vote when the time comes, but he seems to leaning pretty strongly toward a mail-in ballot system. Each committeemen would send a notarized ballot to a central mailing point, where they'd be held until Johnston and committeewoman Mary Bolard, along with a committee of county clerks would open and count them in the presence of the candidates.

Also said he has no objection to the press watching the opening and counting process.

The transparency Johnston/Boland/et.al are building in is a good thing given the bizarre circumstances they face. The three candidate forums they've arranged -- the last will be in Carlinville, south of Springfield, on Saturday -- provide the committeepeople around the district a chance to at least see and hear enough to form a first impression. And getting the list of actual electors into the public view gives everyone an opportunity to at least talk to the people who will actually vote.


Hare said he's encouraged by reports that the Henry County central committee has endorsed him. Also said that the Knox County committee endorsed him, with just two against votes.

Sullivan said it's tough to really gauge support. "It's just hard to tell. You don't really know until you talk to each one, and they tell you they're supporting, you."


The electors:

Following is a list of precinct committeemen from Rock Island, Henry, Mercer and Whiteside County who have a vote in choosing the Democratic nominee for Congress in the 17th Congressional District. It contains names, addresses, telephone numbers (when available) and precinct names provided by Don Johnston 17th District state central committeeman. All phone numbers are in the 309 area code unless otherwise indicated. To find our your precinct, consultant your voter registration card or your county clerk.

Rock Island County:

-- Stewart Adams, 3709 31st Ave., Rock Island, 61201, 793-4382, South Rock Island 8.

-- John Ahern, 1417 19th Ave., Silvis, 61282, 792-3866. Hampton 10.

-- Steve Ballard, 4515 11th Ave A., Moline, 61265, 764-3421, South Moline 22.

-- Leland Balmer, 1825 18th St., Moline; 61265, 764-3860, Moline 11.

-- Phil Banaszek, 4309 7th St., East Moline, 61244, 269-3301, South Moline 3.

-- Dorothy Barber, 24108 124th Ave W., No. 8, Illinois City, 61259, 791-7103, Drury.

-- Gabriel Barber III, 413 10th St., Rock Island, 61201, 786-1119, Rock Island 2.

-- Arlene Beiderbecke, 913 54th St., Moline, 61265, 762-8106, Moline 20.

-- Thomas Benson, 4506 7th Ave., Rock Island, 61201, 794-1915, Rock Island 14.

-- Michael Boland, (state representative and declared 17th District candidate) 3658 1st St., East Moline, 61244, 755-1172, South Moline 17.

-- Linda Boswell, 1209 18th Ave., Rock Island, 61201, 788-9295, Rock Island 5.

-- John Brandmeyer, 2501 20th Ave., Rock Island, 61201, 786-2896, South Rock Island 5.

-- John Brown, 736 17th St., Rock Island, 61201, 793-1392, Rock Island 4.

-- Richard Brunk, 1527 11th Ave., Moline, 61265, 764-3860, Moline 10.

-- William Byers, 1512 41st St., Rock Island, 61201, 793-4574. Rock Island 15.

-- John Call, 3520 26th Ave. B, Moline, 61265, 61201, 797-8588, South Moline 13.

-- Karen Calvillo, 2507 5 1/2 Ave., Rock Island, 61201, 793-5163, Rock Island 9.

-- Pete Caras, 2058 33rd St., Rock Island, 61201, 788-3524, South Rock Island 7.

-- Jim Cramblett, 1114 15th St., Silvis, 61282, 796-9537, Hampton 15.

-- Ted Davies, 4507 25th Ave., Rock Island, 61201, 786-6126, South Rock Island 10.

-- Alfred Decap, 9714 284th St. N., Hillsdale, 61257, 658-2140, Coe.

-- Ed Dejaynes, 941 14th Ave., East Moline, 61244, 755-4450, South Moline 2.

-- Paul Delcourt, 1312 42nd Ave., Rock Island, 61201, 793-4365, South Rock Island 14.

-- Virgil Dueysen, 4312 7th St., East Moline, 61244, 796-0254, South Moline 14.

-- Jan Kaye Erikson-Vroman, 3001 2nd St. Ln., Moline, 61265, 797-3611, Moline 5.

-- Glen Evans, 1604 12th St., Rock Island, 61201, Rock Island 3.

-- Patsy Fidlar, 306 4th St. S., Box 164, Cordova, 61242, 654-2678, Cordova.

-- Frank Fuhr, 8228 154th St. W., Taylor Ridge; 61284, 798-2142, Buffalo Prairie;

-- John Gianulis (Rock Island County Democratic Party chairman), 9226 78th Ave W., Box 95, Andalusia, 61232, 798-2623, Andalusia.

-- Kathy Harmon, 204 9th St. E., Milan, 61264, 529-2523, Blackhawk 2.

-- Helen Heiland, 2321 Kennedy Dr., East Moline, 61244, 755-0578, South Moline 1.

-- Wade Heinsen, 414 Docia St., No. 414, Hillsdale, 61257. 658-9030, Canoe Creek.

-- Dave Hendrickx, 514 18th Ave., Moline, 61265, 797-2371, Moline 3.

-- Mark Holtschult, 8603 Knoxville Rd. Trlr 8, Milan, 61264, 235-5904, Black Hawk 5.

-- Douglas House, 1724 85th Ave. W., Rock Island, 61201, 787-0970, Black Hawk 7.

-- Janis Hubbs, 9427 51st St. W., Milan, 61264, 787-3444, Black Hawk 4.

-- Dennis Jacobs, 3511 8th Street Ct., East Moline, 61244, 755-4322, South Moline 27.

-- Randy Jacobs, 3415 119th Avenue Ct. W., Milan, 61264, 787-1690, Bowling 1.

-- Geraldine James, 520 22nd St., Rock Island, 61201, 786-5062, Rock Island 7.

-- Donald Johnston (17th Congressional District state central committeman), 1108 23rd St., Moline, 61265, 797-3078, Moline 14.

-- Bill Jones, 750 26th St., East Moline, 61244, 755-3365, Hampton 13.

-- Donna Jungwirth, 2506 33rd Ave., Rock Island, 61201, 786-5819, South Rock Island 13.

-- Carla Kelly. 2001 28th St., Rock Island, 60201, 788-6769, South Rock Island 6.

-- James Kerr, 523 18th Ave., Rock Island, 61201, 786-4300, Rock Island 1.

-- John Kmetz, 1539 26th Ave., Moline, 764-9605, Moline 13.

-- Theresa Kurtenbach, 4711 28th Ave., Moline, 61265, South Moline 11.

-- Edwin Langdon, 1433 31st St., Rock Island, 61201, 788-9063, Rock Island 12.

-- Karen Leibovitz, 2222 190th St. Ct. N., East Moline, 61244, 496-9575, Hampton 9.

-- Mike Malmstrom, 5107 48th St., Moline, 61265, 764-9638, South Moline 19.

-- John Malvik, 13 Velie Dr., Moline, 61265, 797-9552, South Moline 8.

-- Virgil Mayberry, 559 22nd Ave., Rock Island, 61201, 786-6595, South Rock Island 1.

-- Richard McCarthy, 2106 16th St., Rock Island, 61201, 788-6435, South Rock Island 3.

-- Donna McWilliams, 2040 39th St., Rock Island, 61201, 786-0068, South Rock Island 9.

-- Steve Meersman, 4723 20th Ave., Moline, 61265, 764-2374, South Moline 4.

-- David Mier, 1604 12th St., Moline, 61265, 764-7236, South Moline 8.

-- Connie Mohr-Wright, 1520 29th St., Moline, 61265, 797-4335, South Moline 6.

-- Jose Moreno, 2617 4th St., East Moline, 61244, 755-6176, South Moline 15.

-- Patrick O'Brien, 624 10th St., Moline, 61265, 764-7956, Moline 6.

-- Janet Oltman, 505 3rd Ave., No. 95, Hampton, 61256, 755-0578, Hampton 17.

-- Mark Parr, 2152 23rd Ave., Rock Island, 61201, 793-4820, South Rock Island 4.

-- Harry Perez, 405 3rd St., Moline, 61265, 764-0373, Moline 1.

-- Phil Hare, (declared 17th District candidate) 3805 44th St., Rock Island, 61201, 786-3234, South Rock Island 11.

-- Dick Potter, 1136 25th St., Moline, 61265, 764-7213, Moline 14.

-- Thomas Rockwell, 514 W. 16th Ave., Coal Valley, 61240, 799-5812, Coal Valley 1.

-- Louis Shelangouski, 310 15th St., Box 135, Rapids City, 61278, 496-2337, Hampton 1.

-- Dawn Shelton, 436 12th St., Silvis, 61282, 755-8130. Hampton 6.

-- Bruce Stickwell, 3415 4th St. W, Milan, 61264, 787-2605, Black Hawk 3.

-- Jeffrey Stulir, 364 33rd Ave. Ct., East Moline, 61244, 755-3030. South Moline 16.

-- Charles Tague, 305 Barber Creek Rd., Port Byron, 61275, 523-2977, Port Byron.

-- Crotis Teague, 1328 5th Ave., East Moline, 61244, 755-0599, Hampton 3.

-- Vince Thomas, 1000 21st St., Rock Island, 61201, 786-6944, Rock Island 8.

-- Richard Vanraes, 160 16th Ave., Moline, 61265, 764-3406, Moline 2.

-- Sue Vroman, 13101 120th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, 61284, 795-1638, Edgington 1.

-- Quintin Waterman, 1606 116th Ave., Milan, 61264, 787-0157, Bowling 2.

-- Karen Williams, 852 19th St., Rock Island, 61201, 788-7594, Rock Island 6.

-- Arthur Winstein, 10 Lighthouse Ln., Hampton, 61256, 781-2351. Hampton 2.

-- Randy Wlaskolich, 2528 58th Ave. W., Milan, 61264, 787-6284, Black Hawk 1.

-- John Woods, 1905 9th St., Rock Island, 61201, 793-6205, South Rock Island 2.

Henry County:

-- Laverne Carlson, 17 Lake Lynnwood. Lynn Center, 61262, Lynn.

-- David Debaillie, 20223 E 200th St., Coal Valley, 61240, Colona.

-- James Findley, 701 McKinley Ave., Kewanee, 61443, Kewanee 11.

-- David Guzzardo, 216 W. Central Blvd., PO Box 242, Kewanee, 61443, Kewanee 4.

-- Doug Hormann, 219 SW 7th St., Galva, 61434, Galva.

-- Merlin Johnson, 7607 N. 300th Ave., Woodhull, 61490, Clover.

-- Tom Malmen, 11008 E. 750th St., Lynn Center, 61265, Andover.

-- Arlene Pacquer, 633 Shadycrest Dr., Kewanee, 61443, Wethersfield 1.

-- John Sovanski, 25273 N. 970 Ave., Kewanee, 61443, Kewanee 2.

-- Jerry Thompson, 601 Dewey Ave., Kewanee, 61443, Wethersfield 4

Mercer County

-- Talbert ``Tab'' Balmer, 1368 120th Ave., Joy, 61260, 582-2725, Millersburg.

-- Timothy Baugh, 109 1st St., Matherville, 61263, 754-8331, Preemption 2.

-- George Bridger, 301 Clay St., New Boston, 61272, 587-8304, New Boston.

-- Jim Childs, 102 NW 8th Ave., Aledo, 61231, 582-5409, Mercer 5.

-- Linda Fordham, 510 NE 5th St., Aledo, 61231, 582-7257, Mercer 1.

-- Michael Garber, 205 S. 5th Ave, New Windsor, 61465, 667-2393, Rivoli.

-- Gary Gregg, 2633 85th Ave., Viola, 61486, 596-2269, Greene 1.

-- Pete Guyton, 202 5th Ave., Sherrard, 61281, 593-2874, Richland Grove 1.

-- William Happ, 1446 170th St., Aledo, 61231, 372-8427, Perryton.

-- Maxine Henry, PO Box 272, 1012 E. Main St., Keithsburg, 61442, 374-2669, Keithsburg.

-- Andy King, 316 50th Ave., North Henderson, 61466, 464-5216, North Henderson.

-- Steve Lingafelter, 462 185th St., Aledo, 61231, Ohio Grove.

-- Dick Maynard, 407 SE 5th Ave., Aledo, 61231, 582-7210, Mercer 2

-- Rich Maynard Jr., 509 SW 2nd Ave., Aledo, 61231, 582-2167, Mercer 4.

-- Wayne McCombs, 1513 Lake Karl Dr., Sherrard, 61281, 593-2974, Richland Grove 3.

-- Dixie Monson, 1307 130th St., Joy, 61260, 584-4891, Duncan.

-- Katie Olson, 209 N. Main St., Alexis, 61412, 482-3440, Suez.

-- Monte Schell, 644 156th Ave., New Boston, 61272, 537-3255, Eliza.

-- Jerry Stead, PO Box 396, Viola, 61486, 596-2262, Greene 2.

-- Bud Strom, 203 Maple St., Box 16, Seaton, 61476, 221-7860, Abington.

-- Vernon Swearingen, 2163 State Highway 17, Aledo, 61231, 582-2878, Mercer 6.

-- Peggy Thompson, 2678 170th Ave., Sherrard, 61281, Preemption 1

Whiteside County:

-- Donald Blair, 14219 Blue Goose Rd., Sterling, 61081, (815) 772-2695, Hopkins 2.

-- Jose Cavazos, 508 Oak Ave., Sterling, 61081, (815) 535-0352, Sterling 14.

-- Enrique Cavazos, 304 E. 7th St., Rock Falls, 61071, (815) 564-0746, Coloma 5.

-- Ross Dill, 1308 1st Ave., Sterling, 61081, (815) 625-9250, Sterling 5.

-- James Duffy, 1841 4th Ave., Apt. A, Sterling, 61081, (815) 625-2239, Sterling 12.

-- Kent McNeill, 1710 18th Ave., Sterling, 61081, (815) 625-1774, Sterling 16.

-- Roland Mose, PO Box 526, 619 11th St., Erie, 61250, 659-2531, Erie 1

-- Lyle Nafgtzer, PO Box 232, 802 S. Cherry St., Albany, 61230, 887-4854, Albany

-- Terry Thorpe, 706 7th Ave., Erie, 61250, 659-2002, Erie 2

-- Jack Trent, 11275 Black Rd., Fenton, 61251, (815) 778-4434, Fenton.

-- Frederick Turk, 3301 A St., Rock Falls, 61071, (815) 625-4657, Coloma 9.

Posted by jcb at April 26, 2006 06:06 PM


I hear both Phil Hare and John Sullivan were working the crowd tonight at the Johnston event.

Posted by: anonymous at April 26, 2006 06:48 PM

"transparency Johnston/Boland/et.al are building in is a good thing"

John, I agree 100%. Thanks for the list of committeemen. I ask my committeewoman who she plans to support in the vote.

Posted by: Huck Finn at April 26, 2006 08:31 PM

As a Republican, I do hope that Hare gets the nod. (1) I suspect that every Democrat under the sun will line up to contest him in the 2008 primary, which (2) leaves an opening for the Republicans in 2008. Unfortunately, we might be lost as we appear to be running out of newcasters!?

Posted by: Anonymous at April 26, 2006 08:53 PM

You don't have the newley appointed precinct committeepeople on the list though.

Posted by: Anonymous at April 26, 2006 10:32 PM

There is not yet any clarity about whether those newly appointed precinct folks will be eligible to vote, first, and I don't think our county chairmen have released that list of newly appointed precinct folks.

Posted by: anonymous at April 26, 2006 11:11 PM

This is indeed a welcome sign that there is at least one faction who is interested in this being an open process which reflects the views of the widest number of people possible.

And thanks for finding and providing the info needed for people to participate in the process. Well done.

Posted by: TID at April 26, 2006 11:24 PM

Thank Johnston. He's the one who put together list, as a necessary prelude to the vote, and unhesitatingly provided it.

As noted in my entry above, Johnston said he's made no attempt to get a list of the appointed committeepeople because he doesn't believe they're entitled to vote.

As things stand, it'll apparently take a court ruling to alter his view. If someone does go to court, an already messy problem will simply get immeasurably more messy.

Posted by: jcb at April 26, 2006 11:41 PM

I am surprised...Republicans have run around for years with their tails between their legs with the thought that the 'Democrats in the 17th (and specifically RICO) were so strong. If anything, this process should show that the Democrats are every bit as disfunctional as the Republicans. If they were half as strong as the Republicans believe, this process would have been worked out in a smoke-filled backroom. Having a minimum of three RICO contenders, none of which have an ego that will allow them to withdrawl for the sake of the party, or for the sake of RICO, proves my point.

Maybe it is time for the Republicans to understand that their problems exist because of themselves, not because of a strong Democrat 'machine.'

Let's face it, both parties have a group that cares, but our country, our state and our area is becoming more and more independant - as both our parties refuse to deal with the issues that affect the average citizen.

Posted by: havinfun at April 27, 2006 05:25 AM

He will be leaving the most important people out of the voting if he doesn't let the appointees vote. The poor and the minorities. Johnston has no right to keep my vote from counting and in the end the courts will agree with me.

Posted by: Anonymous at April 27, 2006 07:18 AM

I am interested, does anyone believe that Zinga has a chance in November, or are we choosing our next Congressman in this effort (or a candidate)?

Especially for the Democrats, does Zinga have a chance with Independents/ Reagan-Democrats, or is she DOA based on 2004?

I believe that the answer to this is important as this process continues...if Zinga has a chance, who comes forth is important. If anyone will roll over her her November, then it becomes a different issue.

Posted by: Anonymous at April 27, 2006 07:26 AM

What are you talking abot? The court will provide direction and make a messy situation legal and clear!

Posted by: PatSimons at April 27, 2006 08:21 AM

Zinga is DOA against all except Hare, where there may be a little chance.

Crony-ism may offend many in the middle, the question is will it offend more in the middle than Zinga offended in 2004? Also, is there anything about Hare that would excite anyone other those those who fawned over Lane? Hare is not one that will excite anyone other than the extreme Dem's.

Posted by: yougotta be kidding me at April 27, 2006 10:06 AM


Not sure I follow the logic of your post--"...is there anything about Hare that would excite anyone other those who fawned over Lane?"--weren't they enough to elect Evans 12 times?

Posted by: RFK fan at April 27, 2006 05:19 PM

Those hard-core Lane fans were, maybe, 40% of the vote. The balance came based on the inability of the Republicans to field a solid candidate. Mark Baker got 49% and 48% showing that Lane's base was not overwhelming.

It seems as though there is a 40% Democrat base - and a 40% Republican base (as Zinga showed in 2004). The issue is the middle 20% that will vote Republican, if they could ever run a candidate that is attractive to those in the middle (which is a stretch for them).

Posted by: yougoota be kidding me at April 27, 2006 08:17 PM

Sorry for my comment being unclear and misleading. I was referring to Don Johnston when I said that at least one faction was working to ensure the process is open and fair.

But the way I wrote it was easily misunderstood. Thanks for clearing it up.

Posted by: TID at April 27, 2006 09:15 PM

"Open and fair?" Are you kidding me? Don Johnston?

Don is working to secure another two years of Federal pension. John G is working to esnure the process is open and fair by ensuring no voter is shut out of the process. Johnston and M. Boland seem to be doing everything in their power to disanfranchise my vote as I don't have an elected precint committeeperson!That doesn't seem open and fair at all to me!

Posted by: JUDGESTAR at April 28, 2006 09:03 AM

JUDGESTR, You consider it fair to the people of your precinct, who have no precinct person that they voted on, to have one appointed for them - appointed with an agenda already in place?

As a totally unbiased (Republican) observer, this seems grossly unfair - and contrived.

Posted by: havinfun at April 28, 2006 09:34 AM

We should not forget that all but about 400 voters are going to be left out of the process. If all eligible precinct committee members could vote - that would still leave THOUSANDS upon thousands out of the process.

Posted by: Rob Mellon at April 28, 2006 12:10 PM

Phil Hare has the votes.

Let's vote 'um!

Posted by: JUDGESTAR at April 28, 2006 02:23 PM

An amusing and interesting point I see is that Erie, a town of around 1600 people and a staunchly Republican populace has 2 votes (not even counting Ballard from Moline who grew up in Erie), in the process. Plus little Hillsdale, with less than 500 people, has a vote, but the bigger metro area leaders couldn't figure out how to represent their area precincts by making sure people were voted into a position that would make this process less questionable. I guess you could say, Small Towns Rule, YeHaw!

Posted by: Amused Small Town Observer at April 28, 2006 05:42 PM

Yes but the appointees should and will be able to vote for Phil Hare.

Posted by: Anonymous at April 28, 2006 08:46 PM

havinfun at April 28, 2006 09:34 AM,
As a totally unbiased (Republican) observer, this seems grossly unfair - and contrived. It would to a republican. We in the 17th call it the machine. Get on board or prepare to get run over. Hare Rules!!!

Posted by: Anonymous at April 28, 2006 10:46 PM

Even if it is a made-up name, please don't say 'Hare' under 'anonymous' - let us have a clue who you are. We'd like to put a name with the 'anonymous' 'Hare' prediction (so that we know who to chuckle at).

How do you suppose he has a chance when RICO and a couple of the surrounding counties will split for Hare-Boland-Schweibert - and the balance of the District (who considers themselves 'the south part of the District' will group behind Sullivan.

Come on, read the papers (Dispatch/ Argus just this morning).

Posted by: havinfun at April 29, 2006 02:48 PM

Don't be so sure that the Southern part of the district will all rally around Sullivan - many in the South have mustered their forces because they see an opportunity, but Sullivan has not done enough in his district to warrant such devotion or backing. When the votes are counted Sullivan will have wished he had done more with the five years he has had in the State Senate.

Posted by: Anonymous at May 12, 2006 08:51 AM