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March 27, 2006

Terri's gone, but the drama continues

The Terri Schiavo drama lives on, 21st Century style, a year after the removal of her feeding tube and death.

Ironically, Terri's warring family has found at least some common ground. Their respective websites, www.terrisfight.org and www.terripac.com, contain links to information on the end-of-life issues that split them so badly. Both also are soliciting funds.

Husband Michael Schaivo's site (terripac) is, as the name implies, raising campaign money to be used against those "politicians in Washington, D.C., and Florida (who) abused their public trust by forcing the government in the middle of my family tragedy."
Terri Pac has taken in $2,200 so far, according to it's Federal Election Commission filing

The parents' site (terrisfight) says it is to benefit the work of The Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation, Inc., described as a
"a non-profit group dedicated to ensuring the rights of disabled, elderly and vulnerable citizens against care rationing, euthanasia and medical killing." It's bringing in a lot more money. The latest report to the Florida consumer services agency says it's taken in More than $380,000 as of the end of 2005, $43,377 of which went for administrative costs. (There are issues about the foundations charitable status, according to Charity Governance a website tracking charity solitications.)

The foundation reports zero fund-raising costs, which is testimony to the power of the web to bring in money.

Posted by jcb at March 27, 2006 01:54 PM


Nobody came out of that fiasco looking well. I suspect the public never wants to hear about either of the families again (and a lot of elected officials don't either).

Issue hasn't gone away though.

Posted by: Anonymous at March 27, 2006 09:55 PM

What a disgusting display. The man fights to kill his 'wife', while living in a common-law marriage with another woman. He insists that this was to carry out Terri's wishes. Is anyone surprised that now he will be profiting from this situation?

Distrurbing, at best.

Posted by: Anonymous at March 28, 2006 07:18 AM