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February 27, 2006

An endorsement for Mowen

The Chicago Tribune did its endorsement in the 17th District Congressional District primary today. It backs Jim Mowen in the three-way race for the GOP nomination:

"17th District: The choice in the Republican primary is Jim Mowen, a commercial real estate developer from Rock Island whose first priority is bringing jobs to the district. Also running are Republican Andrea Zinga, a former Quad Cities television anchor from Coal Valley, and Aledo businessman Brian Gilliland."

Posted by jcb at February 27, 2006 02:46 PM


The Trib must believe as Mowen does that "God himself" wanted Mowen to run for Congress....

Just makes an overzealous religious rightwinger proud don't it?

Posted by: anonymous at March 1, 2006 07:36 PM

Hey, 'anonymous' do you know me? Do you have a clue who I am or what I am about? Would you like to share with everyone one issue of 'overzealousness?' Would it be the fact that I go to church, scandelous! Would it be the fact that I am not shy to tell people that the two biggest priorities in my life are my faith and my family - downright subversive! Is it the fact that I have spent a great deal of time and money volunteering in my community and traveling overseas to help people less fortunate than myself?

It is mighty easy to throw around silly labels when hiding behind an 'anonymous' name isn't it?

Posted by: Jim Mowen at March 2, 2006 06:42 AM

Hey Jim! Overzealousness would include the fact that your business is located in Iowa but you claim to be an Illinois businessman. It is hypocritical that you say you are going to help the Illinois businesses when you are taking advantage of the friendlier business environment in Iowa. Six months ago you said that Lane Evans was a terrible Congressman and he should resign. Now you are saying, "God bless Lane Evans." Isn't that hypocritical too? How can you be a fair representative of the entire district when you won't even go south of Quicy, Springfield, and Decatur as your own newsletters have proclaimed? So what is it, Jim? Let's be real here and stop fooling ourselves.

Posted by: anonymous at March 2, 2006 02:37 PM

Your first comment was 'overzealous religious rightwinger' - now you state that 'overzealous' has to do with geography of a business entity.

Come on Andrea, quit hiding behind the 'anonymous' label, you know that (1) I work for Premier Partners and no longer own Premier Partners and the decision on where Premier Partners is located has never been my decision - you need to find a better issue than this, (2) I have never made a negative remark about Mr. Evans - again, please provide proof of this unfounded staement (lie).

If we want to speak about Illinois business interests, do we want to look at the three shopping centers that I have developed IN ILLINOIS, in the 17th District, that has created over 200-jobs and over $200,000 of annual property tax - all in the 17th District!

Bring on all your unfounded coments, I'll be happy to respond to all. Also, life is pretty easy when we hide behind 'anonymous' isn't it?

Have a great day!

Posted by: Jim Mowen at March 2, 2006 04:22 PM

Jim, I admire your willingness to jump in here, using your real name. It's an example I'd like to see followed by other candidates.

Posted by: jcb at March 2, 2006 04:51 PM


Thank you. Let's face it, we need politicians who are willing to be in the dialogue, not just give their canned speech. Hopefully, if we get politicians that are willing to do this (communicate in a hands-on manner) and we have voters willing to deal properly/ factually we might actually be able to get movement in our terribly partisan political world - to the benefit of all.

Regardless of whatever someone wants to say, I am just the guy next door that works hard, pays his bills, is concerned with the job situation/ economy of the area, healthcare and other issues that affect our families.

We need to find solutions to the issues that face us, not hide behind name calling and speeches that mean little...

Posted by: Jim Mowen at March 3, 2006 06:13 AM

Mr. Mowen, I'm a supporter, and I think you should set up a diary at RedState, where they have a call to arms to everyone interested in retaining Republican Congressional seats or defeating Democrat incumbents. This is a nationwide blog working to defeat Democrats with activism and fund-raising.

Here is the RedState homepage:http://www.redstate.com and here's the call to arms for help nationwide: http://www.redstate.com/story/2006/3/1/234118/5979

People want to help you, and not just in Illinois.

Posted by: paladin at March 3, 2006 02:44 PM

Jim,you never answered the question as to why you said in your newsletter that you won't go south of Quincy, Springfield, and Decatur (I thought that was interesting to read). We already have a governor who won't live in Springfield so he can be near his Chicago cronies. If you won't come down here, how do you convince me that you won't act the same way? How will you know our needs and desires if you aren't here? Aren't we as important as your precious Rock Island County? I realize that we don't carry 20% of the vote, but you sure make it seem like you sure don't care about us. I've seen the other candidates around, and they've listened.

Posted by: anonymous at March 4, 2006 04:53 PM

First, and foremost, I believe that the article itself answered the question. However, if you wish to hear the answer again...

I have been to the south portion of the District on a great number of occasions. I have been to Christian County, Calhoun County, Macoupin County (on a few occasions), Sangamon County (often - and have received their endorsement), macon County at least 10 times, Adams County (weekly). The article stated my understanding of 'leverage' of time. I am spending a majority of my time in the populated areas. Before I can do anyone any good, I first need to get elected. My going to Shelby County and searching for the 64 Republican Primary voters does me no good.

I would hope that everyone would like to have a Congressman intelligent enough to appreciate the concept of leverage. In addition, please do not blame me for the convoluted District that we have that makes decisions like this necessary.

The simple reality is that I can spend 95% of my time in the top 11 counties and reach out to 88% of the vote. This does not mean that anyone is more or less important as it relates to working for them, but it does mean that I can win a Primary without killing myself, my car, or my family...seems to be reasonable to me.

Thank you for the question! Jim

Posted by: Jim Mowen at March 5, 2006 07:11 AM

Jim, How can you take a person who signs their name anonymous seriously? If they don't have the class to sign their name, it tells you what kind of a person they are. If it is someone from Andrea's camp, then if Andrea had any class at all, she would come forth or have that person identify themselves!

This person obviously does not know you, or what you stand for. There have been many men and women of faith serve our country since it started. You will not be the first I'm sorry to say. I admire you for what you stand for and have the guts to put your name behind your stands. It shows you are a man of honor.

I also admire any business man or woman who leaves their profession to serve the public. We, (the public) always complain that we don't have good people to elect, and serve in our government, so it's nice to know that the people of the 17th now have such a man running for office!

Until annonymous identifies themselves, I wouldn't waste anymore time with them! I can't believe this site allows people to say things without their names attached. You have better things to do then answer silly things like this to a person who must not know you very well.

I seriously think that once people in the 17th take a serious look at you, and get to know you like I do, they will be glad you are willing to serve and improve the district in a positive way!

Posted by: Jim Sonneville at March 7, 2006 04:50 PM

Did anyone here get to the candidates forum last night in Erie that Mowen (and others) was slated to attend? If so, please tell us about it.

Posted by: paladin at March 8, 2006 02:00 PM

We were all in Galesburg Tuesday evening for a Forum there. A couple of us sent representatives to Erie. There is a story on the Galesburg Register-Mail website about the Tuesday evening forum.

Posted by: Jim Mowen at March 9, 2006 07:19 AM