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January 27, 2006

Boo hiss

At about the time I was praising Google for resisting government attempts to go sifting around through its search records, the news was breaking at the "do no evil" company was caving in to China's demands that it censor results available to users in that country.

Boo hiss.

Google thus joins Microsoft and Yahoo in ungloriously kissing the butts of China's authoritarian leaders in return for opportunity get a chunk of the huge and growing internet market.

Here's a Red Herring article more fully exploring the spineless move and its implications.

Posted by jcb at January 27, 2006 04:19 PM


Google's censorship is only the latest "accommodation" by a U.S. company to sidestep moral or ethical responsibility for economic gains in China...just joining hundreds of other U.S. firms and our government in the Asian version of "happy days are here again."

Posted by: greg at January 27, 2006 10:21 PM

A bad move and an evil one, too. And stupid. Google just sold off one of its key assets: its cool.

Posted by: Michael Romkey at January 31, 2006 07:36 AM