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September 12, 2005

Mr. Brown's exit

In leaving FEMA today, Michael Brown said of his resignation, "I think it's in the best interest of the agency and the best interest of the president..."

Good assessment. Quick action. Too bad both were missing earlier.

In a terse announcement, President Bush appointed R. David Paulison as acting director. Mr. Paulison's resume, fleshed out by the Department of Homeland Security, offers hope the new guy's got way more of a clue than did Mr. Brown.

That probably bodes ill for the several other campaign aides/media advisor types who found paychecks as Mr. Brown's immediate underlings. We can hope, anyway. Again, we may need this agency about anytime and the more key people with relevant resumes the better.

Before I let go of this, I want to say how disgusted I am with the Senate, which did way too little advising and way too much consenting when the nomination of the feather-weight Mr. Brown came before them.

Only four the Governmental Affairs Committee's 17 members bothered to attend the confirmation hearing (Full transcript, with attachments) No one raised an eyebrow, let alone say, "now, exactly what is it in this resume that qualifies you for this critically important job?"

Chairman Joe Libermann virtually gushed over Mr. Brown. Remember that as he pontificates about "the need for a thorough investigation on the larger issues of assessing what went wrong..."

Posted by jcb at September 12, 2005 08:20 PM


A friend of mine made a good point today in talking about nominations and whatnot. He said if Bush was serious about appointing the right people to these positions instead of cronies he would have nominated someone other than Tom Ridge to head the Dept. of Homeland Security in 2001. Having been a veteran and a governor, I am sure Secretary Ridge was better equipped to oversee a national tragedy than Mr. Brown, but surely there was somebody already in the ranks of FEMA/Intelligence/Whatever who was more qualified to head DHS. As long as cronies hold these jobs (under an administration of either party) we are in danger rehashing the events of the last couple weeks.

Regarding Senator Lieberman.. A majority of the time I side with the Dems (what can I say, I grew up in Rock Island County *grins at paladin*). That being said, I cannot stand Lieberman for this and many other reasons. I can think of at least three potential GOP candidates for president in 2008 I would vote for over Joe.

Posted by: t at September 12, 2005 10:55 PM