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June 13, 2005

Brush piles, chess and politics...

Nice weekend.

My wife spent most of Saturday attacking the brush wall next to the alley, making room for flowers. So I spent most of Sunday shredding. That crap's hard on an aging man.

Lots of nice mulch, though.

What time I didn't spend sweating in the sun was devoted to re-establishing contact with the U. S. Chess Federation, which recently transferred headquarters from New York to Tennessee and did a major systems overhaul even as. Service to affiliates like the Q-C's Illowa CC has, aaah, suffered.

Thanks to email and helpful people, our problems got fixed and we understand all about their new systems. Tidied up another little corner.

Out in the bigger world, Iowa-side folks are all abuzz with who's gonna run, or not, for what. Davenport Daily Politics is keeping track, getting up links to candidate websites as they surface.

The city put up a helpful slide show on options for repairing the falling-down stone wall along River Drive from the Village eastward, along with
a comment card

Job half done. The form is print-fillout-mail; why can't it be an online form like the police have for reporting crime?

Davenport's been making good use of the web in communicating with the citizenry, but lags in some basics -- employee directory/contact info being one.

The city has a new IS guy. Maybe the problems will get fixed even as the good things multiply.

In Illinois, House Republican leader Tom Cross will be in Moline later this month for a fund-raiser for Steve Haring, who ran 55-45 against Rep. Mike Boland in 2004.

The GOP seems to be serious about the 71st District seat, whether the D is Boland or somebody else.

Posted by jcb at June 13, 2005 09:17 PM


The PDF presentation about the stone wall on River Drive was not really a favor to the citizens. It was so clumsy and slow-loading as to be impossible on broadband. If you are on dialup, forget it. Somebody needs to tell NNW that we don't really want to wait until the display connects all the dots before we go to the next slide!

That said, could we please just replace the stones and NOT put up some ugly thing in their place? It's one of the nicest views of the river on that stretch, and I don't want to lose it behind a wall. I'll sacrifice a few drunks who don't make the curve, for my view

Posted by: Anonymous at June 16, 2005 09:44 PM