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June 30, 2005

Evans is in

Given the money and image problems created for Rep. Lane Evans when he agreed to pay the Federal Election Commission $185,000 to settle a GOP complaint about money-shuffling, the first question is whether the congressman, whose health already is an issue, will run again.

Evans is running for re-election in 2006, spokesman Steve Vetzner said in an email exhange.

Q: Steve, Has Lane decided whether to run for another term...?
A: Yes, he will be running for re-election.

Me thinks a savage battle looms.

Posted by jcb at June 30, 2005 12:47 PM


The arrogance and utter disdain for the electorate that Evans and Gianulis display is breathtaking. A candidate who can barely communicate and who is obviously weakened by Parkinson's and the drugs he takes is the best we can do here? Isn't this a district full of Democrats? Does anyone here doubt that a dead dog with a (D) after it's name would be elected in the People's Republic of Rock Island County/17th District? Sheesh! No wonder people hate politics.

Let's hear from all the Evans defenders here----do you really believe this is the best we can do? Do you expect Gianulis to do the Jacobs thing and appoint a successor to Lane after he wins re-election and resigns for "health reasons". Thank Gaia for Gianulis; those of us in the 17th District don't have to worry about who to vote for-----Big Daddy handles it for us.Jeez!

Posted by: paladin at June 30, 2005 04:32 PM

Whoa! It's true that Rock Island County still has something of a machine, but the local voters have shown themselves capable of thinking on their own and resisting the conventional wisdom. If they weren't, we would have had Railsback re-elected in 1982 instead of the then-little-known Evans.

Seems to me that Evans should stay in as long as he is capable, if for no other reason than seniority: He has enough seniority in D.C. to actually be helpful to us, a point Andrea Zinga seemed to miss last time around.

Posted by: Vita at July 5, 2005 01:51 PM

Whoa Vita! Railsback was elected in an era before we had the current gerrymandered 17th Dist. (see jcb's excellent post on this)

Point #2, how do you, or any of us for that matter, know Evans is "capable"? I haven't seen him in person in over a decade, but his TV appearances, which assume are heavily stage-managed, show me a man who is exhausted, medicated, and not able to communicate. I don't believe he is representing us fully---I think it is his unelected aides who are doing the work Lane should be doing.

Point #3, how has Evans used his "seniority" to help us? Can you name one piece of legislation he has sponsored to help our district? I mean the whole district.

Say what you will, but as it stands, due to gerrymandering, we will have a Democrat representing us in the 17th District for some time to come. I don't mind that---I voted for Obama in the primary and the general elections. But I do think it shows extreme arrogance on the part of Gianulis to imagine Evans is the best and most able Democrat to serve the 17th District. Of course, Evans says he feels fine----what seriously ill person believes otherwise? The Democrats need to show some leadership here and not just allow Evans to go on and on, when he is obviously not "capable".

Posted by: paladin at July 6, 2005 12:56 PM

Knowing Lane as well as I do and seeing him on a regular basis, I can say definitively that he is fine and that he is more than capable of handling the job of representing us. Just because someone is slowed and a disease is affecting their speech makes them no less competent to serve in Congress. Lane is no less effective today than he has ever been. Those who claim that his health is keeping him from doing his job need to take a closer look at the schedule that he keeps. I doubt there are more active Congressman in Illinois who maintain such a relationship with all parts of their district.

Posted by: dem at July 7, 2005 07:16 PM