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May 28, 2005

Insurance, ED and birth control

The news that tax money is going to sex offenders to pay for Viagra and other drugs aimed at correcting "erectile dysfunction" sure has created a stir.

A Kansas cop likened the practice to "giving clubs to wife-beaters" and drinks to DUI offenders.

Iowa and Illinois both rushed to say they haven't been using Medicaid money to buy sex pills for sex offenders and vowed to make sure it never happens. States that have been doing it are rushing to shut down the practice. All well and good.

Next question: Should Medicaid by paying for sex enhancers for anybody? How come there's no outcry about that from our ever so puritanical administration and its allies in Congress?

A good many people are honked off, too, that private insurance companies are a lot more likely to pay for erectile dysfunction drugs than they are contraceptives.

"So why are women still paying out of pocket for birth control, while drugs for men, such as Viagra, are covered by insurance?' is the question asked by petitioners asking Congress to extend insurance coverage to contraceptives.

Male though I be, got to admit that's a good question.

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