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April 07, 2005

Need a hero? Try Judge Greer

That poor woman down in Florida is dead but the exploitation may be eternal.

The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation, "dedicated to protecting" Terri Schiavo's life and liberty, is re-dedicating itself to "assisting other desperate families in their efforts to protect vulnerable loved ones." You can, of course, continue to contribute your dollars. Just visit www.terrisfight.org and click on the "donations" link. PayPal works.

The website promises there will soon be updates on how the foundation will go about "assisting other desperate families." I don't suppose "leaving them alone" is among the options being considered.

Thought not. Once there's been a media circus big enough to tear the Rev. Jesse away from that other Jackson's superstar trial, there's no choice but to try again. So, if your family is among the tens of thousands that will face a when-and-how-to-die decision sometime soon, and if you'd like the circus to come to you, just let the foundation know.

Too cynical, you say? Maybe, but I'd say I'm just "consider(ing) all the evidence in the light of reason, common sense and experience," just like judges instruct jurors to do when they deliberate a verdict.

Speaking of judges, the much maligned and threatened George Greer simply followed the law as it exists, applied sworn facts as presented in court by all parties and made his decision. He then refused to be influenced by the mob in the streets or the ones in the legislative chambers. What more can you ask of a judge?

Not much, said the Clearwater Bar Association in praising his courage in the face of death threats and endless vilification.

You should read his 2000 order in the case that spawned the controversy. He discusses in detail the central issue; that is, what would be Terri's wishes, and how he came to decide she would not want to be kept alive in the circumstances. He also deals with the medical evidence, as presented in sworn testimony, which is different than the many affidavits you can find at www.terrisfight.org . These inevitably include the phrase, "I have not physically examined Ms. Schiavo..." and/or "I have not seen her medical records..."

Do the reading, then apply your own reason, common sense and experience.

If you still think Judge Greer's the villain, fine. Join the move to impeach him. Me, I think he kept his head when all about him, others were losing their's. That makes him a hero in a story way short on those.

John Beydler is news editor at Quad-Cities Online. email johnbeyd@qconline.com

Posted by jcb at April 7, 2005 02:29 PM


Judge Greer a hero? Judge Greer was just following the law? Have you done any investigation into Mr. Greer and his past? You must be a journalist because you appear to be lazy, judgemental, a liar, and a fool. The only phrase in the whole story that was accurate was the sentence imploring people to read and then using reason. Too bad you do not follow your own advice. I cannot imagine what other notorious murders you have in your file of "heros."

Posted by: Douglas at May 25, 2005 03:47 PM

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